Tyson Fury Hammers Wilder For Seventh Round Stoppage Win, Towel Thrown In – Boxing Results

Tyson Fury was as good as his word and then some tonight in Las Vegas. Jumping right on Deontay Wilder as he said he would do, Fury gave Wilder an absolute beating for six-and-a-half rounds. Bloodied, battered and downed twice during the one-sided fight, Wilder was finally saved by his corner as the towel was thrown in at the 1.39 mark of round seven.

Fury is now 30-0-1(21). Wilder, in losing for the first time, is now 42-1-1(41).

Fury, at 273 pounds, so much heavier than the first fight with Wilder, came right out at the opening bell and put it on Wilder, who was also heavier at 231 pounds. Looking to walk Wilder down, land big right hands and also rough Wilder up, Fury was able to do so. Wilder did get some rights home himself and we had a great opening round. But then, in the second, Fury simply took over.

Wilder, showing zero defense, was soon taking big right hands to the head. By the third, Wilder was getting buzzed repeatedly. A left/right combo put Wilder down here in the third and the pro-Fury crowd was going nuts. Wilder showed heart in there but things got much worse for him. In terrible trouble and hanging on, Wilder was down again but Kenny Bayless ruled it a slip.

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Slipping again at the start of the fourth, Wilder was now bleeding, from his lip and badly from his left ear. His legs all over the place, Wilder needed a miracle to pull this fight out. Fury was getting stronger, his confidence sky high and Wilder was sent to the canvas again in the fifth, this time from a hard shot to the body. Never has Wilder taken such a beating, and only the WBC champion’s sheer heart was keeping him in there. But not for long.

Wilder was being battered in the sixth, looking all but exhausted. Fury was relentless. It was shocking to see such a brutally one-sided fight. Wilder was plain and simply beaten up tonight. Finally, having seen his fighter and good friend take more than enough, trainer Jay Deas threw in the towel and Wilder was pulled out.

Fury gave Wilder great respect afterwards saying Wilder will come back and be champion again. But will he? Will there be a third fight between Fury and Wilder?

Tyson Fury scored one of the finest wins ever by a British heavyweight tonight. Of that there is no doubt. Fury is now the WBC, lineal and Ring Magazine champion.

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