Hearn Warns of Career Crossroads for Taylor and Catterall

By Rob Smith - 02/19/2024 - Comments

Eddie Hearn warns that the careers will be on the line for the Josh Taylor vs. Jack Catterall rematch on April 27th live on DAZN at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, England.

Hearn glosses over the harsh truth: even the winner of the fight isn’t expected to be more than a B-side opponent for one of the world champions at 140 or 147.

Are Both Fighters Past Their Prime?

Former undisputed light welterweight champion Taylor (19-1, 13 KOs) is viewed as a washed-up fighter, and fans’ perception of him won’t change with a victory over Catterall.

As for Catterall, he’s been pushed down the rankings since his loss to Taylor in 2022, and he’s no longer seen as one of the best fighters at 140. He’s more fringe-level. He won’t beat fighters like Arnold Barboza Jr., Jamaine Ortiz, Sandor Martin, Jose Ramirez, or Richardson Hitchins.

The April 27th rematch between Taylor and Catterall is more for domestic honors to pick the best UK fighter at 140, but not at the world level.

Taylor’s Gamble

“I think careers are on the line. I say that a lot in fights, but when you think about it. Josh Taylor could move to 147, but if he loses to Jack Catterall, he’s not going to land a big fight next,” said Eddie Hearn to iFL TV when asked if the loser of the Taylor vs. Catteral clash will see their careers effectively end.

“If Jack Catterall loses, he’s miles off the pace for a world title fight, and that’s all he wants in his career,” Hearn continued. “So, no world championship, but probably a lot more than that on the line. Plenty of bragging rights and will and desire to win, but also a position in their career that could signal a position very close to the end for either guy.

“We were happy to do it at a catchweight, but Josh came back and said, ‘We want to do it at 140,'” said Hearn when asked if he was surprised that Taylor was willing to take the rematch with Catterall at 140 rather than at 147.

Is the Drama Fabricated?

One theory behind Hearn’s hype is that the stakes need to be falsely inflated to attract fan interest. While this rematch likely evokes intense curiosity amongst UK boxing fans, its limited influence on the international stage undermines Hearn’s dire predictions.