Povetkin wants a Klitschko rematch, in Ukraine or even the Olympics

For a few years now, Wladimir Klitschko (64-3-0) has been expressing great interest in participating in the next Olympic games. While there are a few roadblocks, it seems as though even a professional fighter can qualify.

In October of 2013, Wladimir Klitschko had delivered the very first loss to Alexander Povetkin(29-1-0) in Moscow, Russia. There were no excuses or hard feelings from camp Povetkin, instead stating that they appreciated the fight and have learned a lot from it.

But a first loss is hardly ever left alone, especially if the opportunity to avenge it is still out there. Since that fight, Povetkin fought three more bouts, winning them all. His next fight on November 4, is against Mariusz Wach (31-1-0), whose one and only loss also came by way of Klitschko in 2012.

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After Wach, Povetkin is hoping to secure a rematch against Klitschko, no matter where and when.

“Of course I would go to Kiev. Actually I consider Ukrainians to be our brothers. We are all Russian people. It is sad that politics have divided us. Like Andrey Ryabinsky said, boxing matches are made to bring people closer together,” said Povetkin.

Having this fight take place in Ukraine would be a real treat for the people, as there has not been a significant boxing championship there for decades. And with so many great professional fighters coming out of Ukraine, it would only make sense to bring big fights over there.

If the Ukraine idea doesn’t pan out, Povetkin is thinking further, all the way to the Olympics.

“If I was allowed to fight in the Olympic games, I would gladly perform. If I am of course worthy. And if I make it to the qualification tourney, and I can convince my promoter, I would like to go to the Olympic games, especially if Wladimir Klitschko will be a part of them. That would be awesome,” stated Povetkin.