Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Jr.: Start saving your pennies?

It’s close, very close. According to various recent reports, the fight venue as well as the drug testing issue has been ironed out and agreed upon. As always, the last and most important piece is the finances, which is likely the only thing keeping the signatures off the contract for now.

The fight, if comes to fruition, will take place at MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The possible date has not yet been declared, but if not the most likely and Floyd’s favorite month of May, I would strongly assume that June would be the month to host the biggest boxing match in recent history.

If the odds and ends get settled on, it looks like the long road to Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao might finally come to finality. The fans are ready. The entire world is ready. And most of all, Las Vegas must be ready and excited to accept a colossal amount of people ready to book and spend.

According to LA Times, seven to ten days is the proposed timeframe for the fight to be a done deal. That means that by the ends of next week, thousands of boxing fans might know that on a specific date this coming summer, they will need to have their flight and hotel room booked, with a fight ticket in hand.

The fighters will make their own efforts to bring their bout to fruition, because both know that if this fight doesn’t happen, both will have to scavenge for a big payday fight, and it so happens that there is only one opponent able to bring this to the table: Amir Khan.

“Mayweather will fight me or Pacquiao. He knows the fight between me and him will make a lot of money. Who else is there for him? Unless he does rematches, there’s nobody else,” stated Khan in a recent interview with the Telegraph.

Indeed, despite there being a decent list of possible rivals, most would lack the excitement and interest of the boxing community.

“If Mayweather doesn’t want it, and he doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao, I think me and Pacquiao would be a huge fight. Despite having had the same trainer, and having sparred each other before, we could put that friendship to one side,” concluded Khan.

There are a ton of reasons for why Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao should have happened years ago, as there are various grounds for why it needs to happen no later than now.

The money is still there, as well as the general interest. A piece of the boxing community has given up on the idea of their fight taking place, but as soon as the announcement comes in, the excitement and attention will skyrocket.