Pacquiao says there will be future fights

By Rob Smith: Manny Pacquiao told a crowd in Manila, Philippines, that he’ll continue fighting despite getting viciously knocked out last Saturday night. Pacquiao was knocked out by a tremendous right hand by Juan Manuel Marquez last Saturday night in Pacquiao and Marquez’s fourth fight in their series in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pacquiao said as quoted by AP “We will rise again…There will be future fights.”

Pacquiao says he’ll take five months off before he steps inside the ring again. If that’s the case then he won’t be back in the ring on April 20th like his promoter Bob Arum wanted him do. But I think Arum will understand if Pacquiao needs an additional month to try and recover from his terrible knockout loss to Marquez, which left Pacquiao unconscious for close to 2 minutes before coming to.
Pacquiao and Bob Arum want to make a rematch with Marquez so that Pacquiao can try and even the score with him. It’s a dangerous fight for Pacquiao to be taking off of a knockout loss like that because the ideal thing for Pacquiao to do would be to take a light puncher that he can dominate for the most part so that he can get a gauge of where he’s at after the knockout loss. But by throwing him back in the ring with the hungry Marquez, it’s possible we could be seeing the same result with Pacquiao getting knocked out cold again.

Pacquiao’s problem is that he’s got so many things going on at once in his life. He’s a politician, an actor, and a tremendous star in his homeland of the Philippines. Marquez doesn’t have those things weighing him down. His whole focus is boxing and it showed last Saturday night because he was definitely prepared to beat Pacquiao as we saw in him knocking him down in the 3rd and then stopping him in the 6th.

Pacquiao wants to fight another three years, but if his performance last Saturday night is in indication, he’ll be lucky if he can last two fights unless his promoter Bob Arum puts him in with soft opponents.