Did Pacquiao lose to Marquez because he was stepping on his foot when he KO’d him?

By Bill Phanco: It’s interesting to hear the excuses still being brewed about why Manny Pacquiao was knocked senseless by Juan Manuel Marquez last Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. The one that we’ve probably heard the most is that some boxing fans think Marquez was using performance enhancing drugs. A lot of these same boxing fans still believe this even though test results came out on Friday revealing that Marquez’s test results for PEDs was negative, as was Pacquiao’s.

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Pacquiao a Fallen Hero – Sadness and Disappointment

Pacquiao a Fallen Hero - Sadness and DisappointmentBy Paul Strauss: For fear of being maudlin, there are plenty of us out there with feelings of sadness and regret. It’s the kind of feeling we get when one of our hero’s does something we thought impossible. They lose. It’s often unexpected and painful. We knew all along it was possible, but still we refused to believe it. It’s the kind of feeling that overwhelmed people when Gene Tunney beat Jack Dempsey, or when Rocky Marciano beat Joe Louis. “It can’t be!” That is the thought that flashes across our mind’s eye. It won’t go away. It like the image is stuck on “play”! We want to awaken from the nightmare, but reality has just given us another smack up side the head.. There’s no way to shake it off. Our hero is human after all.

Saturday night at the MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV, Manny Pacquiao was the victim of a sensational kayo at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez (JMM). It was a decisive finishing blow that ended a sensational fight. Referee Kenny Bayless saw no need to administer a count. Some so called experts thought the fight shouldn’t occur. They boo hoo’d it, fearing it might prove to be less than thrilling. What foolishness. We can only hope they’re ashamed of themselves for even thinking such thoughts…

The fourth and greatest of their fights was action packed from beginning to its dramatic conclusion. The end was in doubt right up until JMM’s final punch landed. It was a powerful short right landing flush on the nose and chin of Pacman.

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As it Unfolded, As it Evolved: Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4

As it Unfolded, As it Evolved: Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4By Phenyo Molefe: We all bore witness to what transpired on Saturday evening, to that which shook boxing and those who grace its pastures. I took account of the fight as it unfolded before us but have decided to treat the bout to further review and flee from any hurried assumptions, unveiling how it truly unfolded. Having watched all three previous meetings between these combatants just hours before their fourth encounter, I was further shocked by that which has evolved.

Seldom have I heard an audience voice itself as charged as what the masses did, Marquez has found favour with those seeking his redemption.

Round 1:

Although respect is abound Pacquiao and Marquez both have something to prove. The bout begins with some jousting and notable movement by both fighters as they size each other up. Manny throws the jab and quickly follows through with his left, seeking Marquez’s head. Marquez looks to counter Manny as he has done in previous contests and has already begun paying attention to Manny’s body. It looks like this is going to be a better start than what we saw in their second encounter and may very well surpass their third meeting.

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Hatton advising Pacquiao to retire

By Steve Mabbott: Ricky Hatton wants Manny Pacquiao to retire from boxing due to the bad KO loss that Pacquiao suffered last Saturday night at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez. Hatton doesn’t see any point in Pacquiao dragging out his career at this point.

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Pacquiao says there will be future fights

By Rob Smith: Manny Pacquiao told a crowd in Manila, Philippines, that he’ll continue fighting despite getting viciously knocked out last Saturday night. Pacquiao was knocked out by a tremendous right hand by Juan Manuel Marquez last Saturday night in Pacquiao and Marquez’s fourth fight in their series in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 a huge moneymaker, generates $10 million live gate

By Bill Phanco: Last Saturday night’s mega fight on HBO pay per view between Juan Manuel Marquez (55-6-1, 40 KO’s0 and Manny Pacquiao (54-5-2, 38 KO’s) reportedly generated a huge $10 million live gate at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada with 15,403 tickets sold and 908 comps. Needless to say this is very good money.

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Hatton stunned at seeing Pacquiao obliterated by Marquez

By Steve Mabbott: The one fighter that may have been the most shocked at seeing Manny Pacquiao taken completely apart by Juan Manuel Marquez, besides Pacquiao himself, was Ricky Hatton. Pacquiao has destroyed Hatton in 2 rounds in 2009, and dominated him throughout the short fight. But Hatton didn’t expect Marquez to knock Pacquiao out cold in the 6th round last Saturday night with his hard right hand to the head.

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Marquez showed his superiority over Pacquiao with knockout win

By Rob Smith: Dan Rafael of ESPN said before last Saturday’s fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao that the winner of that fight would be considered the series winner of the four-fight series between the two fighters. That may sound kind of strange but Rafael said that the boxing public already perceive Marquez as having given Pacquiao all he could handle in the first three fights, so all it took was for Marquez to beat Pacquiao in the 4th fight to claim the title as the dominate fighter of the series and I agree with Rafael.

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Pacquiao says he got careless against Marquez: Does this make sense?

YouTube video
By Rob Smith: It was kind of strange to hear Manny Pacquiao saying he got careless in getting stopped in the 6th round by Juan Manuel Marquez last Saturday because Pacquiao’s entire fighting style, especially in this fight, has been one of fighting out of control. The difference here was that Marquez had the power to take advantage of Pacquiao’s aggressive style unlike in the three previous fights. Marquez didn’t have quite enough power to put Pacquiao down for the count despite hitting him often in their first three bouts of their series.

However, Marquez put on muscle for this fight with his strength and conditioning Coach Angel Hernandez assisting him. The muscle Marquez put on wasn’t the useless muscle that some fighters put on that slows them down without giving them any additional power. In this case, Marquez really was hitting with more power. We saw that early when he knocked Pacquiao down with a right hand in the 3rd round. You could tell how much stronger Marquez was from that punch alone because the shot made a loud thudding impact and Marquez wasn’t punching like that in previous fights.

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Pacquiao’s career not over with loss to Marquez

By Brad Cronick: Manny Pacquiao’s career isn’t over just because he was stopped in the 6th round by Juan Manuel Marquez last Saturday night. This is something that happens in boxing especially when fighters are going all out looking to score a knockout like Pacquiao was in the 6th round when he got knocked flat by a right hand from Marquez.

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