Oscar De La Hoya Wants Canelo Back: “It Isn’t Too Late (yet) To Switch Back To The Best Promoter“

As fans know, Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya had a falling out some time ago, the two men severing their partnership, with De La Hoya no longer serving as Canelo’s promoter. Becoming a free agent and also working with Eddie Hearn, Canelo “hurt De La Hoya’s feelings.” At one point, Canelo went as far as to tell Oscar to “go f**k yourself!”

It was pretty nasty. But now, De La Hoya has offered his former fighter an olive branch. Taking to social media last night, De La Hoya wrote the following short message:

“It isn’t too late (yet) to switch back to the best promoter.”

Is there any chance Canelo, who has made it clear he wants the rematch with Dmitry Bivol, will want to go back and work with De La Hoya? It sure seems unlikely. And as far as winning the rematch with the Russian who at times so thoroughly dominated him over those 12 often frustrating (for Canelo) rounds, what will it matter which promoter Canelo is working with?

De La Hoya was obviously hurt when such a massive star fighter chose to part ways with him (and the full extent of the deterioration of the partnership and the reasons for the split may never be fully understood) but it seems highly unlikely Golden Boy will ever get Canelo back. Some fans have suggested De La Hoya will have been happy at seeing Canelo lose to Bivol, that De La Hoya will have taken some real satisfaction in the result that so humbled his former fighter. Maybe. But Oscar has at least made an effort to reach out to Canelo.

Whether Canelo responds or not remains to be seen.

One man who does seem pleased over Canelo’s defeat is former conqueror Floyd Mayweather. “Money” placed a stiff wager on a Bivol win and Floyd has gloated over the winning sum he picked up. Mayweather posted a snap of his betting slip on social media, his bet being $10,000, with Mayweather collecting a cool $52,500.

“Easy pick up,” Mayweather wrote on instagram.

Mayweather of course took Canelo’s unbeaten record back in 2013. Now the Mexican star has to rebuild all over again.