Usyk says Fury’s side wanted rematch clause, not him

By Michael Collins - 03/13/2023 - Comments

Unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk just posted a rebuttal to Tyson Fury’s claims that he’s the one that wanted a rematch clause by saying that it was Team Fury that came up with that idea, not his side.

Fury asking for Usyk to remove what his own team put in makes him look silly, uninformed, and afraid.  If Fury is chickening out, he needs to devise a better excuse than trying to milk the rematch clause as his rationale for pulling out because Usyk has exposed that as being false.

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Usyk believes “greedy belly” Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) is playing games with the rematch clause nonsense that his own team wanted, and he wants to vacate his WBC title if he’s not feeling up to the job or sign the contract.

If Fury chooses to continue to blame IBF, WBA & WBO heavyweight champion Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) for the rematch clause, he could use this to squirm out of the fight by milking it for all it’s worth to his sympathetic flock of fans, who will give him a pass and not rain down on him with bile if he goes in another direction to face someone else on April 29th.

The problem is that even if Fury does use this as a pretext to duck out of the Usyk fight, he’s still going to need to fight on April 29th, as his management has booked the 90,000+ seat Wembley Stadium for that date.

That’s a big stadium for Fury to be fighting in against a replacement opponent, and he won’t be able to fill it if one of his hand-picked fighters is fighting him like we saw last December when Derek Chisora was brought after Tyson made a trainwreck of his negotiations with Anthony Joshua.

Usyk’s promoter Alex Krassyuk believes Fury is coming up with hurdles one after another, hoping that Oleksandr will refuse so that he can get out of the fight.

Krassyuk says Fury never wanted the fight, considering he’s not physically ready and hasn’t been training. There are only six weeks to go before the fight, and there’s no possibility that Fury can get in shape in that short of a period.

Krassyuk believes that Fury came up with the 70-30 split because he didn’t think Usyk would agree to it, and when he did, he quickly came up with the rematch clause as another obstacle to prevent the fight from taking place.

If Fury chooses to play this to the hilt, it would be his word against Usyk’s, and the public wouldn’t be able to see the contract and would have to believe one of the two.

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