“No More Issues,” Arum Says Of Fury-Joshua Negotiations; Formal Announcement Imminent?

It’s not an official announcement of the fight but it’s pretty close. Bob Arum, in speaking with IFL TV, said there are “no more issues” to be resolved as far as the negotiations between the two sides ahead of the massive, all-British heavyweight unification showdown between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

For weeks now, we’ve been told the fight is “close,” and, “just a week or so away from being finalized.” Now, Arum, the co-promoter of Fury, is saying how “all points have been agreed,” and that all that remains is for the two fighters to sign the contract.

“Yeah as far as I’m concerned,” Arum said with regards to the big fight being agreed. “I’ve been working on it; all the points have been agreed to. That’s what each side has said. Now, we are scrambling around to get the thing signed and everything. But I can say clearly, based on my view on everything, that there are no more issues.”

Fans now await that official announcement. Until it comes, the skeptical among us will be, well, skeptical. But it does look as though this fight will indeed happen. With money no longer an issue, and with all the little things apparently ironed out, we can, it seems, begins to get excited about the heavyweight clash. Joshua recently said the fight will likely take place in June, but of course, there is no confirmation yet as far as date and venue.

With coronavirus restrictions set to be lifted in the UK on June 21 maybe the mega-fight will take place in the home country of both fighters after all. It would perhaps be quite ironic if Fury Vs. Joshua was officially announced on Monday of next week, March 8.

This is the 50th anniversary of “The Fight Of The Century” between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. Fury-Joshua will not be as big, as special, or as great as that unforgettable epic, yet it is absolutely the biggest fight that can be made today.

The entire world watched Ali and Frazier battle it out, with no less than 50 countries buying the TV rights to the fight. How big an audience will Fury-Joshua get?