Mosley/Mayorga 2: Shane Wins Pointless Battle of Veterans in 6

From the moment it was announced that aging veterans Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga were set to meet in a rematch of their 2008 encounter, the unenthusiastic groans from boxing fans the world over were audible, more so when they found out that, in America at least, they would be charged a hard to justify $49.95 for the ‘privilege’ of watching it.

Mosley’s attempt at staging his first independent promotion was seemingly cursed from the get-go, with a series of fake PR stunts in the build up, as well as the Don King lawsuit to try and stop Mayorga fighting, that, with hindsight, probably would have ensured a more entertaining main event.

For those of us who didn’t have to pay out for a PPV, there was a tiny sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe we would be entertained and the two could find just enough, although, sadly it just wasn’t to be the case, and this writer, like others watching worldwide it seems, looked on through my fingers with gritted teeth, such was the depressing spectacle that unfolded before my eyes between the two evidently long finished old-timers.

It probably didn’t help I was watching the playback immediately after finishing the Santa Cruz/Mares fight either. I do only have myself to blame in that regard, I suppose.

Mayorga, always a crude brawler in his better years anyway, simply looked like a fat drunk fighting outside the pub after closing, and was getting more and more sha**** out as the fight wore painfully on. The TV broadcast was comedically enhanced by the camera cutting sporadically to his girlfriend ringside, who looked seriously like a woman who would rather be anywhere else in the world.

She got her wish in the 6th and burst into tears when her chain smoking lover was on his knees, hacking his lungs up, having been finished with a body shot.

As for soon-to-be 44 year old Mosley – for all his former skill and pedigree – he simply looked older and more worn out than ever before, and that includes his last fight 2 years ago when he knackered his back in Australia against Anthony Mundine. Speed, timing, accuracy, defence? All have declined so sharply that he wouldn’t be able to hang with any established champions. Especially at middleweight, which is what he weighed in as for last night. Forget about it.

It was 6 rounds of bar-brawling mess that summed up just why Shane couldn’t give away tickets, and had desperately resorted to leaving them on park benches for any Tom, Dick or Harry to pick up.

A desperately sad situation for the former great and future Hall of Fame inductee, who is reportedly suffering serious financial troubles thanks to a messy divorce from his ex-wife.

His attempts to take a stand against certain perceived monopolies in boxing, while admirable, seem extremely misguided, and if he does end up promoting other events, then it’s clear he should leave himself, and especially women’s boxing firmly OFF the card in future, though the less said about that the better.

It’s definitely time for Mosley to hang ’em-up. Thanks for the memories, Shane.

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