Mosley/Mayorga 2 Is Still On / Ricky Hatton Baffled by “Sugar’s” Return

Saturday’s Mosley/Mayorga 2 clash of veterans, an irrelevant but curiously intriguing fight, especially for those fans in the UK and elsewhere who DON’T have to buy a PPV, is back on today after Don King failed in his attempt to stop it when a judge in Miami ruled against the veteran promoter, despite King having claimed to have Mayorga still under contract.

As it’s highly unlikely Mayorga is to fight again, as well as the fact he has also boxed twice last year following his last “serious” fight against Miguel Cotto in 2011, the judge ruled in favour of “Sugar” Shane – who is also promoting the event – yet the comeback, which has sold a paltry 2000 tickets thus far, has baffled fellow former world champion Ricky Hatton, who can’t seem to get his head around it.

“Mosley is due to fight Ricardo Mayorga and it’s mind-boggling,” Hatton told Sky Sports.

Evidently not factoring in Shane’s ex-wife Jin, who has left the former champ in reported severe financial dire straits, Hatton – who launched his own ill-fated comeback against Vyeschlav Senchenko – continued;

“It’s not like my comeback, where I felt I had let people down (after the Pacquiao ko). He was a model professional who has been in some great fights and doesn’t need the money.

“Oscar (De La Hoya, who has also flirted with a comeback recently before abandoning the idea) had his troubles and so do I, so you can understand us wanting a match to redeem ourselves, but Shane has been a great servant, has got the money and it’s just a mind-boggler.

“I’m sure Oscar had his reasons why he wanted to make a comeback. You then hear Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank saying they want to make a comeback but you don’t want to see those guys get hurt.

“It’s all we know. It’s all we’ve done our working life and it’s very hard to say goodbye. I started when I was 10 and it was my main job when I left school. Then all of a sudden when you haven’t got it any more, it’s very difficult.”

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