Molina: Khan will revert back to his old style of fighting after I start hitting him

By Michael Collins:  Carlos Molina (17-0, 7 KO’s) thinks Amir Khan (26-3, 18 KO’s) is just talking nonsense when he says he’s going to be fighting under control in a more conservative non-risk taking manner from now on due to the changes he’s made with his fighting style from what he’s learned from new trainer Virgil Hunter. Molina isn’t buying it. He believes Khan will almost immediately revert back to his old style of fighting as soon as he starts getting hit on Saturday when Molina and Khan fight on Showtime at the Sport Arena in Los Angeles, California.

Molina said this as quoted by “Khan is going to come out and be defensive in the first part of the round but once I put on the pressure and start landing my punches, he is going to go back to the same old mold. It will be the same old Amir Khan as we’ve seen in his last few fights.”

I tend to agree with Molina on this. It’s really hard for a fighter to change his fighting style when he’s been fighting in the same manner his entire amateur and pro career like Khan has. He wants to fight under control because he’s lost his last two fights, but he really doesn’t have the chin to stand in the pocket and fight the way that Hunter wants him to. As soon as Khan gets pressure, he’ll do what he always does and that’s run, shove, hold or attempt to slug it out. Khan isn’t going to be able to keep Molina on the outside with jab alone. He’s going to have to punch with him and that’s what Molina wants him to do because he feels it will give him a chance to land his shots.

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Molina, 5’6”, is giving away four inches in height to the 5’10’ Khan, and that’s going to make it tough for him to land his shots without first walking through a lot of Khan’s shots beforehand. Hunter thinks it’s going to be difficult for Molina to be able to take Khan’s power in order for him to do what Danny Garcia did in stopping Khan in the 4th round last July.