Mike Tyson Vs. Jake Paul Official For July 20 at The AT&T Stadium in Dallas!

By James Slater - 03/07/2024 - Comments

It has been confirmed by numerous news outlets how Mike Tyson and Jake Paul will fight at The AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas on July 20th – the fight to be streamed live on Netflix. This is of course wild news, but it is no early April Fool’s. The fight will reportedly headline a card of fights, with 57 year old living legend Tyson facing the hugely popular and successful YouTuber turned pro boxer.

Details such as number of rounds, length of rounds, size of gloves – and if this bout will actually be a real fight that will count on the pro records of both men or if it will merely be an exhibition fight – remain to be confirmed. But already, the internet is buzzing over this news. And not everyone likes this fight; with plenty of hardcore, passionate boxing fans stating with firmness how this type of “show fight” tarnishes the reputation of this great sport of ours.

Some fans are shocked that old-school legend Tyson has actually agreed to take part in this, shall we say, “curiosity fight.” But Tyson has signed on and the fight is on.

For his part, Paul, who recently improved to 9-1(6) as a pro boxer but has yet to convince many that he can actually fight, is naturally excited about the chance to share a ring with Tyson. Paul, via social media, says he will beat Tyson in July and that this will lead him into a shot at a world title.

For his part, the one-time “Baddest Man on the Planet” said he aims to “finish” Paul on July 20th.

The fight is already been hyped up in some quarters as a “once-in-a-lifetime dream matchup.” And just imagine the attention this one will get once the inevitable press tour, face-offs and pre-fight press conferenced get going at full steam!

Perhaps the most exciting part of this news is the fact that boxing will be shown on Netflix. Hopefully, the Tyson-Paul show aside, there will be other, more genuinely attractive fights to be shown live via Netflix.

Say what you want about the July fight, but the viewing figures really do promise to be enormous. As to the outcomes of the fight, one would think that Tyson, even at age 57 (heck, even at age 70) would, if he fought with genuine bad intentions, smash Paul into oblivion with the first bomb he lands with. But is Tyson taking this fight seriously? For Paul’s sake, maybe Tyson should not be!