Mexican Legend Chavez To Pay Tribute To The Great Nacho Beristain With Exhibition With Daniel Zaragoza

By James Slater - 04/12/2022 - Comments

There will be a number of living legends in attendance at Plaza de Toros in Mexico on May 21, as Mexico’s greatest fighter, Julio Cesar Chavez, will pay tribute to Mexico’s greatest boxing trainer, Nacho Beristain. Chavez, who turns 60 in July, will box fellow former champ Daniel Zaragoza. Speaking with DAZN news, “El Gran Campeon” said it is a “great honour” for him to be able to pay tribute to his former trainer.

“It’s a great honour, because I’m very grateful to Don Nacho,” Chavez said. “Yes it’s a sacrifice because I have a hard time boxing. But that’s why I’m going to the Otomi Ceremonial Centre (high in the Mexican mountains) because the altitude of Mexico City affects me. I don’t want to drown, I don’t want to make a fool of myself, because Zaragoza, he is already adapted and runs a lot [in training], he has condition. But what is learned is not forgotten and now fortunately I had to do an exhibition with someone older than me.”

Chavez has boxed a number of exhibitions recently, the most recent being his bout with Hector Camcho Jr. Still (and always) a huge hit with the fans, Chavez will look to put on a show with Zaragoza. Zaragoza was a fine fighter himself in his day, going to war with, amongst others, Wayne McCullough, Tracy Harris Patterson and Erik Morales. Now 64 years of age, Zaragoza is almost unrecognizable from his fighting days, with a new head of hair!

Nacho says he is honoured at being honoured. “For me it’s incredible to see that all my hard work is being recognized and that Julio agreed to headline this card,” Beristain said.

Also on the card will be fellow Mexican legends Juan Manuel Marquez, Humberto Gonzalez, Jhonny Gonzalez, and Pedro Guevera.

Beristain is of course a genuine Trainer of Champions, having worked with, amongst others – Chavez, Zaragoza, Juan Manuel and Rafael Marquez, Jhonny and Humberto Gonzalez, Ricardo Lopez, Jorge Arce, Oscar De La Hoya, Guty Espadas, Jorge Paez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

It should be quite an event on May 21.