Mayweather-Alvarez: Could “The One” End In A Draw?

By James Slater - 09/13/2013 - Comments

Mayweather and CaneloMost experts are agreed: tomorrow night’s Floyd Mayweather-Saul Alvarez fight will go the distance and Mayweather will win. But could “The One” wind up being a draw? Of course it COULD, but will it?

Gabriel Montoya started the ball rolling with suggestions that the hugely hyped fight could end in a draw (adding that a draw could well be worth a bet) and quite recently, there has indeed been talk of big money being placed on the draw, this action sending the odds tumbling down to something like 10/1. Golden Boy legend Bernard Hopkins has also gone on record as stating how a draw would not surprise him.


Of course, if the super-fight does end in a draw there will be a rematch, with even more cash, hype, media and fan attention generated. Maybe we could even be on the verge of the sport’s next thrilling trilogy. Mayweather likes a bet himself, I wonder if he’s placed any dollars on a draw!

The big names and the players are certainly in Vegas right now, and huge money has been placed on all manner of possible results. How shocked will these people be if we do see a draw tomorrow? Naturally, Mayweather will make any and all talk of him being held to a draw, by anyone, look foolish if he does what he says he will do and provides Canelo with a boxing lesson. But until the three cards are in – and tomorrow’s clash WILL go the distance – no-one can completely write off an upset. And a draw would upset a lot of people. So too would a draw please many other people.

And to think, the critics still insist boxing is a “dying sport,” this despite the absolute frenzy this fight and its promotion has caused. If “The One” winds up being a draw, our beloved sport will kick and scream for at least a few more months!

Speaking of Vegas and the possibility of controversial fights, it was exactly ten years ago today that superstar Oscar De La Hoya battled “Sugar” Shane Mosley for a second time. “Redemption” went down in the same arena Mayweather and Canelo will duel in in just over 24 hours time, only redemption did not materialise for The Golden Boy. Many people thought the 115-113 X3 decision that went in favour of Mosley was controversial and just plain bad; with many suggesting a draw would have been a fairer decision.

Let’s hope we don’t see a controversial/bad/unfathomable decision tomorrow night.

Of added interest, Dan Rafael says he will not be surprised if “The One” breaks the pay-per-view buy record currently held by Mayweather-De La Hoya from 2007. Apparently Vegas has never seen a buzz quite like the one “The One” has caused and business has been so good the record could well be broken. Rest assured, if tomorrow’s fight is a draw, the rematch WILL smash the current record – whichever fight holds it.