‘Maybe GGG Should Fight Canelo at 155? There’s No One Else’ says Robert Garcia

Oxnard-based trainer, Robert Garcia, has also weighed in on the issue of Canelo Alvarez insisting any Gennady Golovkin fight must be at 155, by partly echoing the sentiments of Teddy Atlas, in that GGG may have to concede if he ultimately wants to be a PPV attraction.

Garcia was full of praise for the dominant WBA/IBF champion, who has been on a wrecking ball mission at middleweight, and who claims he wishes to clean house in the division before moving up for bigger fights.

“GGG will continue being the best. I don’t see anyone else at 160 who can compete with him, he’s the real deal,” Gracia told thaboxingvoice. “He needs to fight the winner of Cotto/Canelo but I don’t think they’ll fight him. Maybe an Andre Ward?, to [help] get his [PPV] numbers a bit higher. There’s no opponents out there for him.

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“He’s not around when all those big middleweights [of a few years ago] were around. It sucks for him,” he added, referencing the comparable PPV profiles of the hugely popular Alvarez, and Golovkin – who turned in modest figures for last month’s PPV debut against David Lemieux.

With Canelo’s huge draw in the Latino market, Garcia says that it might be wise of Golovkin to just bite the bullet and fight Alvarez at the 155 catch-weight in order to get that big name on his CV and graduate properly to being a Box Office star.

“I think they should [fight Canelo at 155], ’cause there’s nothing else. Canelo’s also smart, he doesn’t have to go up to 160. He’s not a 160 pounder. So in that case, why doesn’t GGG move up to 168 and fight the bigger names at 168?

“He’s smart too and I think he doesn’t want to take too many chances, so I think the best thing to do is come down to 155 and fight Canelo and if he (Golovkin) becomes a PPV star he can [then] make twice as much money.”

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