Matthysse uses rights and lefts to answer ?’s about Havoc

matthysse65Lucas Martin Mattysse was matched against Lamont “Havoc” Peterson Saturday night at the Broadwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Business Journal explains to its white collared readers, it’s necessary to find answers to 12 elaborate questions in order to successfully deal with “havoc” The dictionary tells us havoc is a “….. wide and general destructive” force. But, Lucas Martin Mattysse an easier remedy. He chose to create synonyms like confusion, ……………. disarrangement, disarray,……….. disshevelment, …..and disorder …..” all of which were dealt out with his left and right punches. Kayo artists like Mattysse are really fun to watch.

The fantastical results that occur when their gloves make contact is incredible. Heavy handed is often used to describe the kind of unimaginable real havoc they can wreak. Because of that Poor Lamont never had a chance to gather any kind of storm clouds of his own.

Already in the second round at the Broadwalk Hall, Lucas had the preventative ingredient measured out to answer to any silly white collar type business questions.. Lucas’ answers were to use explosives, bombs delivered by rights and lefts. They truly carried the solutions to the any problem he faced at Saturday night. Lucas simply punched out the needed measure. The fasinating part comes when you realize his measuring cup always seems to hold a lot more than other fighters. It’s like the great HR hitter who gets the ball to jump off his bat, or the big hitter on the golf course who is from some remote place no one ever heard of, who is capable of out-drivng anyone else? Watch film of Saturday night’s Showtime presentation, and you will join others in bewilderment at how a seemingly harmless punch caroming off the top of a guys head can wreak so much havoc? It just one of those things.

The rattling of the brain started with that simple glancing punch. For the love of pete, a fighter can’t avoid everything! What harm there in not quite getting fully out of the way of a little punch like that gonna do?. It will bounce off with no harm done, right? “Wrong, old buzzard breath” as Johnny Carson used to say in to Ed. All of a sudden, Lamont feel quite quite right. His notices a certain loss of control. His knee isn’t supposed to hyperextend like that, and why do I feel so strange. He realizes his legs aren’t moving where he wants. What the hell’s going on, he wonder?. He thinks, “I’ve got to protect myself, but how can I he wonders as he struggles with a body that now longer will do what he keeps telling it to? Geez, that punch wasn’t that hard. I’m still conscious! I don’t get it. What’s wrong?”

Well, the answer to those questions is you just got clocked by one of the pound for pound hardest punchers in the game today, and he’s about to lay a couple more shots on you if you can’t get “re-shelved”. Lamont manages to make it to the end of round two. But, the rock slide that occurred in his inner ear isn’t sliding back into place. That minute between rounds just “ain’t enough:”. He stumbles out for the third and it quickly apparent to him that things still aren’t right. The commands from his brain aren’t making it to his body, and now he’s looking frantically for that bicycle he needs to be on: but, he can’t find it and “bam” he gets nailed against.

This time it’s no glancing blow. First, there was an inside right hand, and then kaboom, a Matthysse left hook crashes into the right side of Havoc’s head. Havoc’s marbles are moving in all kinds of strange ways and those little rock crytals, or whatever the hell they’re called, are really sliding. Havoc doesn’t feel so good. Somehow he gets to his feet, but even experienced Referee Steve Smoger knows Lamont doesn’t have a prayer, and signals a halt to the action. Officially, Lamont “Havoc” Peterson was TKO’d at 2:14 of the 3rd Round.

Matthysse notches up his 32 kayo in 37 fights. giving him bragging rights for one of the best knockout percentages in boxing. Future hopes include maybe landing a big fight with Danny Garcia, who happened to be at ringside. Both fighters seem primed and ready for the mega matchup. As the old saying goes, “It will be a cracherjack one”. .