Marcos Maidana vs. The World II

It has certainly been a while since we have heard Floyd Mayweather Jr. mention the blueprint to beat him, the one that every fighter facing him claims to have a hold of before realizing inside the ring, that they never did.

Everyone has a plan, until they don’t. So many various angles have been tried, too many strategies and approached to mention, yet nothing seemed to phase Mayweather Jr.

In his last fight against Marcos Maidana, Mayweather Jr., despite emerging a winner yet again, looked tired and certainly beat up; at least more than we are used to seeing. Many claimed that Maidana should have been given the victory nod that night, while some agree that despite the fight being extremely close, Floyd did deserve the win.

Of all the people, it was Maidana, the brawler to give Mayweather Jr. the most problems, almost dethroning the long reigning champion. Madiana, the fighter that tens to throw wide shots, punches with intention to hurt, and simply keeps coming, is all that was needed to draw this so called blueprint? Is it really this simple? Do fighters like Maidana and Pacquiao possesses that very secret style to dethrone the PPV king?

Maybe. The one thing that Mayweather Jr. fans claimed after the first fight, was that Floyd was trying to please the fans, thus abandoning his usual style, and going for the action. If that’s true, than it is very likely that this time around team Mayweather Jr. will avoid such a strategy, and revert back to the calculating style, with Floyd picking his shots and taking his time.

But what if Father Time has made itself known, and Floyd was simply unable to move around Maidana, and avoid his punishing style the way most had expected?

Their rematch will answer one very important question: Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. still Money May, still the PPV king, and whether he is still the very dominant force in the division.

If Floyd has indeed “aged”, than technically speaking, all that Maidana needs to do is the exact same thing as he did in the first fight, but just a little bit harder. This was also mentioned by Maidana’s trainer Robert Garcia in the first episode of All Access, where Garcia said that they would not be fighting a different fight, but stick to their rooted style but with more intensity.

Can Maidana deliver the blueprint to beat Mayweather Jr., or was the last fight a hiccup by team Mayweather Jr, in choosing to fight a fight they knew was to risky to begin with against a fighter that is as relentless as Marcos Maidana?