Manuel Charr To Fight Christopher Lovejoy On May 15th?

Unbeaten at 19-0(19) but having an almost invisible profile, with no full footage of a single one of his fights out there, heavyweight giant Christopher Lovejoy announced his retirement a short while ago. It seems the man who has sparred the likes of Tyson Fury and other big names has changed his mind. Lovejoy took to social media yesterday evening (UK time) to state how he will be fighting Manuel Charr on May 15th.

The 37-year-old who was supposed to fight British heavyweight Dave Allen last year, only for the fight to be pulled at the eleventh hour, is excited over the way he will be fighting Charr for the WBA heavyweight title. Spuriously, Charr – inactive for almost four years – holds a version of the strap, yet no one is really calling Charr a world heavyweight champion. But what should we make of Lovejoy’s “announcement?” Will the fight even go ahead, and if so where?

According to an apparent press release that Lovejoy has posted, the fight is set for Hamburg, Germany. Charr has stated how “It’s time to finally get back in the ring.”

“I’m in absolutely top form! Lovejoy will take the first defeat of his career.” Charr also stated.

“Just like that, I’m back,” Lovejoy wrote on his Twitter page. “After this I will be WBA world heavyweight champion,” Lovejoy added.

Though no one will seriously accept this fight as a legit world heavyweight title fight, it could prove to be an exciting fight. We know Lovejoy can punch, and Charr can fight, at least he used to be able to fight. We have no way of knowing what 36-year-old Charr, 31-4(17) has left after such a long time spent out of the ring. It was in November of 2017 when “Diamond Boy” won a decision over Alexander Ustinov to win the then-vacant version of the WBA heavyweight title he still claims.

Charr certainly has a big edge in experience, having been in with Vitali Klitschko, Alexander Povetkin, Michael Grant and Johann Duhaupas among others. Lovejoy, who has boxed his entire career in Mexico, has never faced anyone of note, perhaps not even anyone you have heard of.

This fight, if it in fact happens, will be one of the oddest, and at the same time most curious heavyweights fights to go down this year. Who wins? You tell me!