Manny Pacquiao Hints At Retirement: ‘Everything Is At Stake As This Might Be My Last Fight’

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Ahead of his fight with Yordenis Ugás next weekend, entering the ring for the first time in two years, Manny Pacquiao and his renowned coach Freddie Roach spoke to Betway Insider’s US blog:

MANNY PACQUIAO HINTS AT RETIREMENT: ‘Everything is at stake as this might be my last fight’… promises ‘spectacular performance’

“I feel great. My team has full confidence in my capabilities even at 42 years old, and they note that I still have what it takes to face elite-caliber opponents. Although the recuperation period of a 42-year-old may not be the same as a 25-year-old fighter, I still love what I am doing. I’m enjoying training, and I’m learning more about myself every day.

“Everything is top secret, of course. I’m training and challenging myself daily, and I am inspired to perform at my best, owing to the fact that this might be my last fight. I’ve never given predictions. I always climb the ring ready and prepared for everything.

“Everything is at stake as this might be my last fight. I might as well finish the race with a spectacular performance.

“Legacies are subjective to the minds of the fans. Of course, a win for me after so long out would be very grand for my country and family.”

Freddie Roach

FREDDIE ROACH: ‘Most of Manny’s opponents are surprised by his speed. movement and power – it’s a wake-up call for many’

“Without divulging our fight strategy, I will say, as, in every camp, the key to Manny’s success will be to bring in the best Manny Pacquiao. In training camp, the one thing we can control is Manny’s training regimen and condition.

“You bring in the best Manny Pacquiao in the ring, and you already have the opposition at a disadvantage.

“Most of Manny’s opponents are surprised by his speed and movement. They are really surprised by his power. Videotape of past fights can only tell you so much. When you are facing Manny inside the ring, reality can be quite a wake-up call. Just ask Keith Thurman.”

FREDDIE ROACH: ‘Logan Paul said he was glad he fought Floyd Mayweather instead of Manny’

“We had fun with Logan when he visited. He seems like a good guy. After watching Manny work out, he said he was glad he fought Floyd instead of Manny. We liked hearing that! I thought Logan did well against Floyd.”

FREDDIE ROACH: Pacquiao’s legacy exceeds Mayweather’s: ‘A difference in the quality of victories’

“Manny is one of the greatest fighters of all time. Look at the roster of Hall of Famers he beat when they were still at their peak, and many were world champions when he fought them.

“Take nothing away from Floyd, no one ever beat him, but if you did a little digging into when he fought a lot of them, I think you will see a difference overall in the quality of Manny’s victories.”

FREDDIE ROACH: Manny showed off ‘god-given assets’ on day one of camp… plays ‘hours of basketball daily’ to keep fit in between fights

“Manny is looking great. As usual, he came into camp in great condition thanks to the hard work he put in the Philippines. After his first day working out at Wild Card – a two and a half-hour session – he lifted his shirt and showed me his six-pack and said, I’m still here, Freddie. He is the hardest working athlete I have ever trained.”

“He does have God-given assets, but even still, you cannot take those assets for granted, and Manny certainly doesn’t. Manny has worked hard his whole life. He is a fighter inside and outside the ring. He is a product of strong beliefs, discipline, and work ethic. He maintains his physical and mental condition daily. He is never out of shape.

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