Malik Scott says Deontay Wilder talking ‘Get-Back’ to continue fighting

10/13/2021 - By Will Arons - Comments

Deontay Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott says he will continue his career after his crushing loss to Tyson Fury last Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Scott says the former WBC heavyweight champion Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) is already talking about wanting a “Get-back” fight.

Scott isn’t saying who the hard-hitting Wilder might be fighting, but he’s going to need to be careful.

With the 35-year-old Deontay’s conditioning problems that surfaced immediately in the first round against Fury, there’s not a lot of heavyweights in the division that he can be counted on to beat if that issue lingers.

The bulked-up 238-lb Wilder’s stamina looked so poor that he appeared to require oxygen by the third round. His stamina led to Fury beating him because he couldn’t fight hard the way he needed to for him to compete at a fast pace.

Malik isn’t ready to admit that he failed to focus enough attention on working on Wilder’s cardio during camp, but it’s fair to say that he didn’t put enough focus on that area.

Hell yeah, he’s already talking about the ‘get-back.‘ The dude is a real warrior,” said Malik Scott on social media when asked if Deontay will ever fight again.

If Wilder doesn’t make huge improvements in his cardio almost immediately, his career could be effectively over he runs out of gas and absorbs another loss in his next fight.

Malik Scott says Deontay Wilder talking 'Get-Back' to continue fighting

In reacting to Wilder’s loss last Saturday, Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter Alex Krassyuk said that Deontay was a better fighter in the first fight with Fury when he weighed 219 lbs.

All the weight that Wilder has packed on hasn’t helped him in his last two fights with Fury.

Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez says Wilder needs to improve his conditioning and moves because they’re not what they need to be.

“Great fight. I think Wilder needs more conditioning, more moves,” said Canelo Alvarez to The Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer.

It’s difficult if you don’t have conditioning and don’t know how to move. That’s why Fury beat him. Fury’s a great fighter,” said Canelo.

Canelo is referring to when he walks about Wilder needing to work on his “move” is the upper body and head movement that he failed to utilize against Fury, and Wilder was too easy to hit.

Deontay might not want to get rid of Malik because they seem to be pretty close, but he needs to consider doing that because he’s done downhill in his performances in his last two fights with Fury.

A good trainer like Eddy Reynoso would have worked on Wilder’s upper body movement and stuck to a game plan during the fight last weekend. Moreover, Reynoso wouldn’t have agreed to Wilder’s idea of bulking up to 238 lbs for the trilogy fight with Fury.

If you saw how badly Wilder’s cardio was negatively impacted in his previous fight with Fury when he bulked up from 219 to 231 lbs, Reynoso would have seen that it was a foolish idea for Deontay to add more weight to bulk up to 238 lbs.

Wilder needs to make four moves to save his career:

  • Trim down to 219 lbs
  • Dump Malik Scott
  • Hire Eddy Reynoso
  • Follow the game plans given to him

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  1. It looks like Deontay Wilder is going to fight Andy Ruiz next. Reynoso trains Andy.

  2. GMJ,
    No , I don’t believe, in nor celebrate any of the holidays that are crammed down your throat.
    This fat slob druggie won’t fight again, it he does it won’t go like this one. Say he fights Oleksandr Usyk in the Ukraine, they see imprinted fingers clearly visible through the leather gloves. Fatso is stripped of the belt, fined and ordered into court. He will be lucky if he doesn’t get accustid by the fans at ring side. You are a really immature fella.

  3. What the hell is wrong with you all? How can you refer to Deontay Wilder at 235 as bulked up? His body fat ratio was way down low.the muscles were sinue, and movement orientated. Like Bruce Lee or a sprinter or a gymnast. Deontay Wilder was in excellent cardio shape. Better than ever. He concentrated on cardio. Don’t you know anything?
    Don’t you think getting tired in the second round is unusual for Deontay Wilder? Don’t you see that the costume in the second fight wasn’t enough to tire him unless Deontay Wilder was drugged.
    You don’t have to drink poison, it can be inhaled, absorbed through clothing and many other ways.
    The officials k ow and they never would even investigate.
    Deontay Wilder didn’t lose legitimately, ever.
    Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question.

    • Oleksandr Usyk picked Deontay Wilder to knock out fury, and he would have if not for cheating. You guys have been blind ever since the inception of fury’s career comeback in the United States.

  4. This fight was fixed by an inside job by multimillionaires who doubled their net worth by gambling profits.

  5. Coincidentally, Maricio Suliaman president of the WBC owns the company that custom build the gloves for fury. He is in charge of investigating investigating the gloves. He is the guy who said it would be stupid to open an investigation on the gloves.

    • Zoo zoo ,
      You know those gloves were tampered with. The horse hair repositioning advantage left the weight the same , Queensbury rules disqualifies a fighter who manipulates gloves in that manner.

    • Stop it i like deontay but dude lost fair and square his condition was horrible dude was done after 2 round that is trainer fault why put on all that muscle that slowed him down and burned him out the slimmer the quick he was

    • Deontay Wilder never lost a fight, fury never fought a fight that was fair and square.

  6. Fingers clearly visible through the leather gloves flopping around all over the place and no investigation?

  7. Of course, no one saw anything and it would be,,”STUPID” to open an investigation

  8. Deontay Wilder was in the best condition of his life and career. It’s the muscle relaxers and sleeping pills and the spiked water,. Not to mention the magical gloves.

  9. The boxing establishment hated Deontay Wilder for coming on the scene like a playa knocking everyone out and taking it out of the hands of the judges. That’s why they had to drug him time and time again.

  10. The greatest cheating tactics ever go to tyson fury’s team, they have really enhancement drugs for fury and diminishing drugs for Deontay Wilder.

  11. Wilder is 35 and he has got back to back huge pay days. If he was lucky he had 2/3 years left. After the 2 losses he should retire with his health and money. He was champ for a long time but it’s over. It would take 2 years to get another title shot at minimum.

  12. Train was not the problem his trainer was not the problem it’s trainer was not a problem is untrainable listen to the trailer and I don’t know he needs to me around he is his own trailer changing how he attacked it doesn’t matter with something went wrong in his thinking or no class to fight something went wrong cuz the first fight it was okay you let the trainer train you and all the areas because he don’t listen to You country if he let that trainer train him and do what he told me to do everything will be fine I bet you you didn’t want to do cardio that’s why I wasn’t being done you think the trainer would have made him do it he wasn’t doing it

    • What I’m saying is the trainer was not the problem his thinking and being untrainable in areas that he have to train in and let the trainer train him and is what he had to do his first fight was was good it was good but the last one something went wrong with him not the trainer not the trainer something went wrong with him if he said I want to do everything you tell me to do cuz you my trainer the basic trainers that he have are okay

    • The problem was Deontay Wilder was born to be bad. That’s why he was drugged again and again and matched up with steroid users who fight on crank and cocaine. Deontay Wilder was fighting on rice, beans, and Alabama barbeque.

  13. Deontay Wilder has the genetics to have a long career. Youthfulness and getting better and better.

  14. If this is the
    “Great White Hope” you Crackers we’re looking for you need to go back to the drawing Table. This was a Fluke. Like Buster Douglas, he’ll never win again

    • Well at least both of our reigning champs are undefeated and we have a back up.beyonce wilder and aj both got two losses but I guess those are flukes too?

    • No, No, my friend. I hear you. What you meant to say was, that, that bum, that can’t box to save his life. Is
      Because, already, all the smart boxers, also have his number. NO- MO – WIN
      But I wish him all the best in the world. 🌎
      Because, he’s a man who has a beautiful family, and should be there with them, to enjoy the fruits of his labor. ✊

    • Great white hope?…you mean where is the great Black hope?..
      Look..I’m the great white dope on hope..I’m hoping that heavyweight boxing keeps getting better…who cares about color..just knockouts!!!

    • Yeah and now that least the racism is coming out and you guys can admit that you just can’t stand when a white man beats a black man there was no cheating involved he’s just a much better fighter and y’all can’t handle it Point Blank..

    • The British boxing board of control suspended permanently indefinitely fury’s boxing license, fury has a legacy of cheating tactics again and again and again and again. It’s not racism against the guilty , forked tongue, lying devil,. It’s a matter of not tolorating cheating. Deontay Wilder has experienced racism just by the way he’s treated by the white media. Whitie doesn’t object to the long counts, or the obvious glove tampering.

  15. You will see bare knuckle impressed fingers clearly visible through the leather gloves. This clown fights with are knuckle again and again and again. Bare knuckles and his opponents have padded gloves.


    • Angel valle,
      People like us don’t get help. That’s why Deontay Wilder is so important an inspiration. Deontay Wilder has inspired the millions of people who have been neglected and abused just like Deontay Wilder has. Deontay Wilder inspires us to push on just a little bit further.

  16. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has never caught anyone cheating. They’re response for on an average 13 professional boxers deaths in the ring annually.

  17. X,
    You are feeling the results that stem from the corrupt actions of the dirty deals like the one dealt to Deontay Wilder. He is standing up against tyranny in his profession. If is this America that we refer to when we say,” God bless America,” people all over the world admire Deontay Wilder, ” God bless Deontay Wilder.” Stand up for the Truth and Justice and the American Way.

  18. All of you eurocentric fury fan boys bring your best heavyweight contenders to be monkey stomped into the canvas by Deontay Wilder. They will be a grease stain that Will have to be scraped up off of the canvas. Thank God we are rid of that crackhead cheater always cheating.

  19. Now that this three time phoney baloney belt holder is finally finished clogging up the division by postponing, cancelling, and running from defending the belt again. Maybe we can get back to the good old days when a champion would take on all comer’s.

  20. I dont agree that bulking up was the problem. Wilders been a heavy handed one punch fighter with non athletic legs and movement. You can bulk up and still gain speed and power if done right. Hes 6 foot 7 for God’s sake. If Joe Frazier was 6 foot 7 he’d weigh over 300 pounds. Holyfield did it right. Its called Bigger, Faster, Stronger. If a 6 foot 7 guy can’t put on 15 pounds without improving his cardio…tgen they did it ALL wrong! Frankly, this fight woukd have been better for Fury if he mixed using his weight to tire out Wilder with some of the movement from the first fight. There were times if he stepped back and threw, he would have been truly devastating. Fight over in 3 rounds.

    • Now down in the presence of royalty, you lowly dog. Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question.

  21. Fury will not make 11 title defenses nor will he beat a 250 pound skilled heavyweight in order to beat a skilled big man you need another skilled big man lennox was a skilled big man who man handled smaller opponents

    • Bring your best heavyweight so there won’t be any more excuses. All this did was serve as a distraction and strengthening the resolve of Deontay Wilder and his team. Deontay Wilder is at his career peak,

  22. If Sonny Liston can poison Mohamed Ali’s eyes so he could not see, anybody can. Let’s remember that fury’s the most decorated, openly a crook of a cheater the boxing world has or ever will see.
    My money is on fury to poison Liston, Ali, Norton, Foreman Lennox Lewis, Dempsey, Joe lewis Jack Johnson and Mike Tyson alongside Holifield any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  23. The world is blind you can find excuses for wilder all you want the guy never been a fighter he’s a one punch dude and I hope he Retire before he loses his life in the ring I’ll never watch him fight again it’s scary

  24. Wilder is the most lethal fighter this world has ever seen period he didn’t kill fury spirit early however i do hold wilder accountable for show boating in the 4th round he didn’t go into decapitation mode fury is get stronger in the later rounds all boxing .minds know that 40 years ago fury wouldn’t even the top 10

    • Your so spot on Fury knows how to box.But hes big slow and real easy to hit.The past greats would kill both of em.

    • Fury is reaping the benefits of a water down heavy division Ali Forman Norton Spinks would knock him out first round them fighters didn’t go to strip clubs the went to the gym just a hardcore fact

    • Most lethal fighter the world has ever seen? He lost three times in a row fr. He’s got a hard right hand,but if he can’t stay on his feet long enough to land it then he isn’t very lethal. I’m gonna be real honest….I DNT think any of the current heavyweights would be in top 10 in the 80s, but we’re not in the 80s, and unfortunately right now Fury is heads above everyone else

  25. Our prayers and blessings go out to Deontay Wilder as he singlehandedly stands up for the United States Of America and for Truth and Justice and the American Way.

  26. Don’t confuse American kindnesses for weakness. We let all of you foreigners come to the land of the free and the home of the brave. We have done so to every war torn eastern block refuge.
    God bless America and God bless Deontay Wilders legacy of representing the United States Of America first in the amateurs as an Olympian and now as the consummate professional.

  27. Anyone can hit hard without padding in his gloves. Deontay Wilder has shown courage to stand up for the United States Of America when no other person in America could or would.

  28. Who is this idiot……go eat man stimulate your guts your mind then watch the fight again …it’ll make sense..omg…some people lol

  29. Hoorah I think Dante Wilder needs to get with the United States Marines and do a month just training and hanging out and getting that mental part of him plugged in. Vision eyes locked in straight ahead 20 movements toward left side temper 20 movement toward right side Temper middle linebacker vision. Traps 225 lb straight bar to the chin. Lapse’s 100 lb dumbbell saw the tree lumberjack”. Mental Leg’s full weight rack kick In. superset legs from full rack to one left on the rack”Right ankle Left ankle 25lb.Run the Hill. “GOD” they think can’t do it. “Thank You “GOD”
    Body mind and Spirit! Mr. Wilder”

    • Bomber loco,
      You actually believe that Deontay Wilder can’t go two rounds with out gasing out? Or walk to the ring with an. Outfit without getting tired?
      Deontay Wilder was drugged up and who knows what else.

  30. I was so glad to hear that Deontay Wilder was going to continue fighting and that he was mentally strong enough to overcome any doubts. Deontay Wilder was cheated and retired fury without even fighting. Everyone knows the truth, that Deontay Wilder is excellent fighter, better than before. Almost no one would fight you before now they damn sure won’t.,. especially fury, I want to see fury try cheating in the Ukraine. You just let him try.

  31. Everyone knows how Deontay Wilder was cheated, gloves positioned for bare knuckle strikes, steroids, spiked water,. eggweight loaded gloves.
    No investigation? Ha, not in the Ukraine. Vacate the WBC belt and retire undefeated like Marciano because the gig is up. The Ukraine does investigations and they honor positive drug tests.

    • Let’s us give credit for Fury beating that p***y head. Always crying foul when things don’t go his way. From costume to glove and glove to spike water. What else again!!!

    • My grandson, at a glance, saw the loaded gloves and smirked. So I know you see the treacherous intelligence insulting failed attempted to bamboozlement, do not be hoodwinked, oh my friend you have been run amuck.

  32. Malik s ott is the best trainer for Deontay Wilder. He can fight too. Out of forty three fights he only lost couple of them to Luis Ortiz and Derek Chisora, not bad. And he is a.much better trainer than he was a boxer. Deontay Wilder was cheated in all.three fight. Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question.

    • Wilder is for sure the best boxer in the ring when nobody else shares the ring. Or when winning is defined by kissing the canvas all night long

    • Somebody give this unsportsman like delusional loser a wakeup call Deontay is yesterday’s news move on Deontay is finished there is only one! 🥊 Tyson Fury! 🥊 👏 🎊 🎉 🙏

    • Deontay Wilder is still an active heavyweight champion 🏆. You are absolutely correct Deontay Wilder Will be around for a long time.

  33. Deontay Wilder has a slim body type like Bruce Lee. Deontay Wilders legs are not the reason why he has been drained of energy, alertness, and presence of mind, Deontay Wilder was drugged. He was openly and overtly cheated in the presence of the whole world. It’s been documented so your grandchildren may see how gullible grandpa was.

    • I literally read a different excuse for him losing every single day. He lost. Gotta get over it.

    • Your simple minded insults don’t remove any of my substantive observations. No crack here , you must be thinking about fury’s cocaine habit.. That’s the problem, you spoiled Rick kids have to much money, you’re soft in the body and mind, youngster. Ha ha
      I am a mystic, I haven’t eaten in 40 hours. And you sir, got to be kidding

  34. I think he should have put 18lbs of muscle on his legs alone , but I don’t think he will be able to do that .

    • Deontay Wilders legs are strong enough to move his body, closing the gap faster than any heavyweight. Canelo and Mayweather are both envious and jealous of Deontay Wilder, that’s why the rivalry, the criticism.
      A lot of people are down on Deontay Wilder because of his theat to overshadow by accomplishment everyone, so they conspired to bring him down through the only way they could, cheating.

    • We agree, Deontay Wilder always drugged in every fight with fury, just like klitschko.

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