Malik Scott On Fury-Wilder III: Tyson Fury Will Not Make It Out Of Five Rounds

Once again guests on 78Sports TV, Deontay Wilder and his foe turned trainer Malik Scott had plenty of stuff to say ahead of the fast-approaching three-match with bitter rival Tyson Fury. Wilder is still adamant Fury cheated to beat him, and he is saying Fury will “come up with some way” to cheat again in the third fight. However, trainer Scott says Fury will not last too long in the ring in Las Vegas, that he will be stopped inside five rounds.

Scott, who has got himself one huge debut assignment as the former WBC heavyweight champion’s trainer, says Wilder will become a two-time heavyweight champion on July 24.

“Deontay Wilder’s going to be heavyweight champion of the world for the second time,” Scott stated. “Tyson Fury will not make it out of five rounds – that’s my prediction for the fight. Training camp is going great. Retribution is on the menu, this guy has done everything we asked and more and he’s really turned a leaf into doing things that he’s never done before to get what he hasn’t done before.”

Wilder again let Scott do most of the talking but “The Bronze Bomber” did say that this fight is “the first time when I’ve got into a fight where I’ve been healed.” Wilder said that for many of his fights he has fought “with different injuries.”

“At this point in time I’m all healed up and that’s the worst thing Fury could have done; giving me time to heal and I feel amazing, like a young man again. I’m still young, but I feel like I’m 16.”

Wilder added how the third fight will “not be anything like the second fight.” But can Wilder really change, can he really improve and add to his game at age 35? The odds say no but there is a certain sense of sheer belief on the part of Scott. When talk first began regarding the possibility of a third fight between Fury and Wilder most fans were less than interested, feeling Fury is simply the superior fighter.

Maybe he is, but Scott and his fighter seem about as motivated as is possible. Can Fury possibly be as motivated and as driven going into the third fight? How shocked would you be if Wilder did KO Fury inside five rounds?

14 thoughts on “Malik Scott On Fury-Wilder III: Tyson Fury Will Not Make It Out Of Five Rounds”

  1. With Fury trying to drag out the third fight saying contact expired only give Wilder more time to train,get healed enough to get back in the ring fit and ready.
    I see a more focused and determined Wilder and I think he going in with a serious mission to knock Fury out

  2. Wilder is good but he fights like hes in high school to be honest. Fury is not any better. The only reason either man is where there at is look at their size big men. I still think out of the two fury got the best chance but only if wilder let’s his anger get to much of him. Good luck to both. Can’t wait to watch…

  3. You think Tyson Fury should let him win so it will not cause a BLM moment. It might be Rioting if Tuson Fury beat that ass like he did the fight! He gave that boy an ass whipping!!! He might come back, it would be good for business, but I think Tyson rather beat his ass again! Worse this time!!!💁‍♂️

  4. Sorry I’m using the mic to talk instead of typing the words Deontay Wilder sorry for the typo I’m with you all the way take your belt back

  5. Your article is full of biased opinion saying “no one was interested because most felt like fury was the superior fighter”. That’s bull, you weak white boys love that. Fury is going to be devastatingly beaten.

    • America can keep ignoring the facts but Dante is not lying they tried to screw him take the belt off the black man and then they tried two-player games thanking he wasn’t going to win the court case and he did fights on Fury will be looking up wondering what happened there will not be no ref counting in his ear this time

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