Chavez Junior Says He’s Not Going To Retire, Wants To Have 100 Fights

Despite suffering a number of bad and embarrassing losses as of late – quitting against Danny Jacobs and then losing to a couple of veritable boxing novices in Mario Abel Cazares and Anderson Silva – 35-year-old Julio Cesar Chavez Jr says he is not going to quit.

The Mexican who was once, seemingly an eternity ago now, the WBC middleweight champion told Fino Boxing that it is his goal to reach 100 pro fights.

“I’m not going to [retire]. Until I decide not to box anymore – until that day comes – I’m not going to retire,” Chavez Jr, 52-6-1(34) said.

“I want to reach 100 fights; it will be difficult, I would have to fight several times [a year], even for free. Today, it is very difficult to reach 100 fights, but I don’t doubt it [can be done].”

Chavez Snr has urged his son to retire, but it looks as though Junior will fight on. But who will pay to watch him?

There was a time when Chavez Snr set himself the awesome task of not only having 100 fights but winning them all. As we know, Chavez got to 89-0-1 before being upset by big underdog Frankie Randall.

Chavez Snr, though, had immense fan support as he reached for the ultimate unbeaten record in boxing. Now, Chavez Jr has almost certainly used up all the fan support he is going to get.

And as for fighting for free, Chavez Jr cannot get himself up for a paid fight, so how on earth would he be able to motivate himself for a fight with no purse?

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Ask a fight fan today, and most of them will tell you Chavez Jr is done fighting, that he has been done for quite some time, even if he doesn’t know it or is willing to accept it himself.

As for Chavez Snr, he may box further exhibition bouts. Chavez Snr has more left at age 58 than Chavez Jr has left at age 35.