Maidana: First I’m going to give Mayweather a beating, and then I’m going to KO him

Marcos Maidana (35-4, 31 KOs) wants to give WBA/WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr (46-0, 26 KOs) a sustained beating before eventually putting him out of his misery by knocking him out in their rematch next month on September 13th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Maidana has built up animosity towards Mayweather stemming from the comments he’s made about him being a dirty fighter from their previous fight, as well as the outcome of the fight. Maidana doesn’t see himself as a dirty fighter, and he feels what he does is no different than what Mayweather does in the ring with him using his elbows.

Maidana also believes that he was robbed last May when the judges gave Mayweather a 12 round majority decision that he feels should have gone to him. But Maidana wants to pay Mayweather back on September 13th by going out and giving him a beating that he won’t soon forget in front of the entire boxing world.

“First, I’m going to give him a beating and then I’m going to knock him out,” Maidana said.

There’s no doubt that Maidana is going to inflict punishment on Mayweather. Nobody can get though a fight against Maidana without taking a high amount of punishment nowadays. The last fighter that was able to escape punishment against Maidana was Devon Alexander, who used a punch and grab strategy to keep Maidana from getting his shots off.

Alexander clinched over 10 times per round, and he never gave Maidana an opportunity to throw anything in their fight in 2012. Maidana’s a much different fighter now though, and simply clinching him 10-20 times per round as Alexander did won’t keep him from getting his shots off. Mayweather won’t ruin the event on September 13th by using Alexander’s blueprint because he’d lose fans in the process.

Maidana may need to cut off the ring to get to Mayweather in the rematch because we’re likely to see Mayweather stay in motion much of the time. He learned the hard way in their last fight that it doesn’t pay off to lay on the ropes or to standstill against the hard hitting Maidana. Mayweather seemed to be using the same fighting method that Adrien Broner used against Maidana last December, and it didn’t work for Broner and didn’t work for Mayweather either.

The odds of Maidana scoring a knockout over Mayweather is pretty slim. The only way Maidana will KO Mayweather is if he hits him with a shot behind the head of with one that he doesn’t see coming.

It’s good for Maidana that he’s getting an immediate rematch against Mayweather, because he softened him up last May, and he can take advantage of that in the rematch by pouring on more aggression and pressure. If Maidana can throw a high number of shots in each round without fading in the 2nd half the fight, we could see Mayweather lose for the first time in his career.