Luis Collazo: I’m just grateful for this opportunity to be back on top of the boxing world

During Wednesday’s conference call for Amir Khan and Luis Collazo, I had a chance to ask Collazo how he felt about being back on the big stage after he disappeared from the boxing spotlight. He responded by telling me that just talking about it made him emotional. Collazo says “I’m just grateful for this opportunity to be back on top of the boxing world”. He has given his life to god and said that he is no longer on his own time but ” Right now I’m on God’s time”.

Collazo hasn’t lost a fight since 2011 to Freddy Hernandez. Since then he has won four straight with his most recent fight being his most important. His victory over Victor Ortiz put him in the position to challenge Amir Khan as the co-main event to Mayweather-Maidana on Showtime PPV.

That’s a big step forward for Collazo because recent fights with the exception of the Ortiz fight have not been on televised. Collazo is no stranger to boxing fans if they have been watching since 2006 because at that time upcoming stars had to face the tough crafty Luis Collazo and some say those stars were given gifts when they received decision wins over the veteran. Now Collazo has put those fights in the past and looks to make a big statement with a win over Amir Khan. Collazo knows this is the opportunity of a lifetime, at thirty three years old the clock is clicking on his time left in the sport.

He believes that Khan is overlooking him by thinking of Floyd Mayweather too much. A fight with Mayweather is possible for the winner of Khan-Collazo but it is not guaranteed. Collazo agrees that he also wants the Mayweather fight but right now his mind is solely focused on Amir Khan. Collazo closing statement was ” If Khan is overlooking me, that’s on him. Come May 3rd, I’ll be ready”.