Live Boxing Results Tonight: Santiago vs. Nakatani, Inoue vs. Ancajas

By Michael Collins - 02/24/2024 - Comments

Takuma Inoue Stuns Jerwin Ancajas with Knockout Body Shot in Round 9! Takuma Inoue stamped his authority as the WBA bantamweight kingpin, delivering a thunderous body shot in the ninth to lay former champ Jerwin Ancajas flat, marking Ancajas’ first stoppage loss. From the get-go, Inoue was t peppering Ancajas with counterpunches, though Ancajas managed to bulldoze in with some flashy lefts. Ancajas turned up the heat in the second, outmaneuvering Inoue with his vigor and volume, making it a 29-28 tilt in his favor after a tussle of counters and heavy hits.

Five rounds deep, and it’s anybody’s game. Inoue’s got Ancajas figured out, dodging those dive-bombing body blows and slick hooks, countering with precision. Midway, it’s looks like a draw. Ancajas, head low, keeps hammering away at Inoue, who’s now tasting the intensity. Round seven is a slugfest, with hooks flying, and it’s Ancajas who edges out.

Come round nine, and boom! Takuma Inoue unleashes a body shot from Hades, sending Ancajas packing. Inoue not only defends his title but also showcases lethal bodywork, akin to his brother’s reputation.

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Nakatani’s Fury: Dominance Unleashed for WBC Bantamweight Glory and Triple Crown: Junto Nakatani set the ring ablaze again, sweeping every round clean before flooring Alexandro Santiago twice in the sixth for a crushing TKO win, clinching the WBC bantamweight belt and his third division crown. It’s tough to imagine anyone tipping Nakatani off his throne at 118 pounds. At just 26, Nakatani delivered a knockout blow to Santiago in the sixth, seizing the WBC bantamweight world title and etching his name as a triple-weight world champ. A performance nothing short of spectacular!

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Kosei Tanaka delivers a masterclass aainst Christian Bacasegua – A clinic in precision and power! – Kosei Tanaka clinched a unanimous decision victory against Christian Bacasegua. The judges’ cards read 116-111, 117-110, and 119-108, all tipping their hats to Tanaka’s undeniable ring command.

Tanaka had his arsenal on full display – from punishing jabs to hooks. Despite Bacasegua’s resilience and moments of defiance, the narrative was clear – Tanaka was dictating the pace and tone with the expertise of a true champion.

By the final round, Bacasegua was in survival mode, while Tanaka continued to press, not content with just a win but seeking to leave an indelible mark with his performance. The unanimous nod was pretty much a done deal, a salute to Tanaka’s artistry through 12 rounds, nailing down his spot as a champ across four weight classes.

Riku Masuda knocks out Jonas Sultan with a gut-wrenching body shot: In a stunning display of power, Riku Masuda took down Jonas Sultan with a knockout that came out of nowhere, landing a body shot in the very first round that had Sultan gasping for air and hitting the canvas at 2:21 of the first round.