Lara Admits Spitting In Warrington’s Face: “Of Course I Did! It’s Personal Between Me And Him”

02/19/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

While former WBA featherweight champ Leigh Wood, 26-3(16) tries to rebuild his confidence and decides whether or not to activate the rematch clause he entered the ring with last night before his losing fight with Mauricio Lara, the fight to make – the obvious fight to make – is a third battle between Lara and Josh Warrington.

Last night, Lara again proved to be the Mexican Brit crusher, his stunning 7th round left hook explosion tearing the belt from Wood (this with the aid of the call Wood’s trainer Ben Davison made, this to throw in the towel, with just six clicks left on the clock in that fateful round).

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It was of course Warrington, 31-2-1(8) who was on the receiving end back in February of 2021, with Lara shocking Warrington and his home town fans in a similar fashion to the way he devastated Wood and his home fans last night. Lara and Warrington fought again, the rematch ending via disappointing second round TD, this due to Lara suffering a cut that came from a clash of heads. This only served to intensify the bad blood.

And last night, after he had served punditry duties for DAZN, Warrington got into it with Lara – with the Mexican spitting at his rival.

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“As soon as the fight’s been waved off, he looks over to me. He sees me. I actually thought he was looking over at times in between the fight,” Warrington said of Lara. “I got off my stool, his head goes forward, he spat on me. You know, I can have a little bit of pantomime – shouting and screaming – but somebody spitting on me? I’m not having it. It’s got to the stage now that he wants to finish my career – and I’m more than happy to let him have that opportunity.”

Lara, speaking later with IFL TV, did not try to deny the fact that he had spat in Warrington’s face.

“Of course I did,” the 26-2-1(19) Lara said when asked. “Because it’s personal between me and him. That’s the way it will always be. Of course I do [want to fight him again]. I’m after you [Warrington]. I’m coming for you.”

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To repeat, this one is a natural fight to make, a real no-brainer. Both men want it, the fans sure want it, and this is a trilogy fight that is needed. In an ideal world, Wood, if he feels able, could then fight the winner.

The featherweight division is buzzing here in the UK right now, and it’s largely down to a Mexican warrior who has more than left his mark on British boxing.

Who wins if/when Lara and Warrington fight again?