Khan: Why would Mayweather fight a slow fighter like Maidana?

By Rob Smith - 02/06/2014 - Comments

Amir Khan doesn’t see any point at all in Floyd Mayweather Jr. fighting WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana on May 3rd. Khan feels that Maidana is too slow of hand and foot to give Mayweather any problems in the fight. Instead, Khan says that he should get the fight because he has the hand speed to give Mayweather problems the same way that Oscar De La Hoya gave a younger version of Mayweather a ton of problems 7 years ago in their fight in 2007.

Khan says he wants Maidana to fight Adrien Broner on the undercard of the Mayweather vs. Khan fight on May 3rd. In other words, Khan wants Maidana to do him a favor by helping beef up pay-per-view sales for his fight with Mayweather.

“Why would Mayweather even consider putting Maidana in the mix,” Khan said on his facebook page. “Slow hands slow feet. Only thing he brings to the table is power. I agree he beat Broner. We seen how Mayweather deals with power e.g., Canelo. Let Broner have his rematch on the undercard of Khan v Mayweather. I bring speed explosiveness power and footwork to the table. Look back at quick opponents Mayweather has fought in the past, Judah , Oscar Dela Hoya. Both had speed and were close fights. Floyd did say he needs fans to see him knocking someone out because his fights are boring.

Khan took over the lead in the voting on the Mayweather Promotions website in his competition with Maidana to get the fight with Mayweather. If this trend continues, Khan should get voted in by his fans for the Mayweather fight when the voting comes to a stop in the next 4 days. Khan will get his fight with Mayweather that he’s been talking about for years now. I don’t think Khan will give any better fight than Maidana, and it’s doubtful that Khan will fight as well as De La Hoya and Judah did many years ago against Mayweather. I always had the impression that Mayweather took it easy on De La Hoya until the 2nd half of the fight when he stepped on the gas and dominated him. As for Judah, that fight was one-sided after the first couple of rounds. If that’s what Khan takes as a sign that he’ll beat Mayweather then I think he needs to watch the Mayweather-Judah fight again, because it wasn’t competitive after Mayweather figured Judah out.