Kell Brook “Is Considering Coming Out Of Retirement

By James Slater - 09/27/2022 - Comments

Kell Brook “Is Considering Coming Out Of Retirement,” Could Face Benn-Eubank Winner, Liam Smith

What’s the oldest adage in the sport of boxing – ‘they all come back?’ Well, it could be Kell Brook’s turn to prove how true the saying really is. According to a tweet from Michael Benson, Brook’s trainer Dom Ingle says his charge “is considering coming out of retirement.” Apparently, Brook has been offered some big fights by the promoters – including one with Liam Smith, as well as a shot at the winner of the October 8th Conor Benn-Chris Eubank Jr clash.

36 year old Brook was in attendance at this Saturday’s Kid Galahad-Maxi Hughes fight, and fans might have been impressed with the way Brook looked, as in not out of shape at all (although he was wearing a tracksuit so an accurate opinion was not possible). But Brook has certainly not ballooned in retirement. In fact, Ingle posted a short video of his fighter working hard in the gym, this just a couple of weeks ago.

Brook, 40-3(28) and the former IBF welterweight champ, announced his retirement in May of this year, just three months after his grudge-fight win over Amir Khan. Brook said the decision was in no way an easy one, that he had been talking it over with his family. It was, Brook, said, the toughest decision he had ever had to make in his life. Now, it seems Brook is feeling tempted to change his mind.

Brook did look good against Khan, yet as was pointed out at the time, Khan was a faded fighter, far more so than Brook was/is. It’s not clear whether Brook needs the money, or if he is simply falling victim to the all-powerful boxing drug that has pulled so many “retired” fighters back in.

Prior to the must-win fight with bitter rival Khan, Brook had not looked good; being stopped in four rounds by Terence Crawford and then taking a long time out of the ring. If Brook did come back, what weight would he fight at? Smith, 32-3-1(19) is a light-middleweight, while Benn and Eubank will fight at a catch-weigh of 157, with Benn presumably set to go back down to 147 afterwards, with Eubank Jr set to go back up to middleweight. Can Brook beat either guy? Should he ever try doing so?

What do YOU guys think – should “The Special One” come again or should he stay where he has been since May, in retirement?