Amir Khan banned for two years after failing drug test at Brook fight

By James Slater - 04/04/2023 - Comments

Now this one is a shocker. It’s been reported by multiple news outlets how Amir Khan tested positive for the banned substance ostarine following his losing fight with British rival Kell Brook last February. Khan, who retired from the sport not long after being stopped by Brook in their long-awaited grudge match, has now been banned from the sport for two years by UKAD.

This punishment is of course utterly pointless seeing how Khan is a retired fighter with zero interest in ever coming back. Still, it’s yet another black eye for the sport in as much as yet another big name has been revealed to have failed a drugs test. This situation would have been a whole lot more serious if Khan had won the Brook fight.

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The first question a fight fan may ask here is, why has it taken well over a year for the results of Khan’s failed test to be made public? Another question is, how many more big-name fighters have taken, and are taking, illegal stimulants? It really does seem as though we read about a star fighting coming up dirty almost every week or so. It’s clearly out of control and something has to be done. What this something is, however, is anybody’s guess.

This really is a blemish on Khan’s career and reputation. Not everyone liked Khan or took to him, but even his critics were unable to say he never fought the best on a consistent basis or that Khan ever failed to give his all. Now, though, fans will naturally start wondering if Khan took illegal stimulants ahead of some of his other big fights and got away with it.

With regards to the ostarine that was found in his system after the Brook fight, Khan has come out with the tired, we’ve-heard-it-too-many-times, “I didn’t ingest it on purpose” line.

This is a breaking news story and more information is pending. It will be interesting to see whether or not Khan goes into more detail on this, a terrible blow to his career and reputation.

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