Conor Benn and Kell Brook Get Into It At Taylor-Cameron Fight!

By James Slater - 05/20/2023 - Comments

Not had enough pushing and shoving between two fighters as they get into one another’s face? Well, earlier this evening, whilst attending the massive 140 pound title fight between female stars Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron, Conor Benn and Kell Brook got into it with one other as they “just happened” to cross one another’s path in Dublin, Ireland.

Brook was doing an interview when Benn walked past him from behind. Benn muttered something, obviously something derogatory going by Brook’s response (the video of the incident has already enjoyed many views), and Brook went at him, the former IBF welterweight champ shoving Benn, the two men having to be separated by security members.

YouTube video

It did look legit, to be fair, not staged, yet today, who knows for sure anymore? It’s no secret that Brook and Benn have been discussed as potential ring rivals for quite some time, the two having been circling each other ahead of a possible money-spinner. Brook – who “retired” after his big win over Amir Khan last year – has said he has the urge to fight again, yet at the same time, the 37-year-old says he would have to be paid handsomely to return to the ring; and who can blame Brook?

Benn, still to clear his good name after those two failed drug tests, in the opinion of plenty of fans at least, is itching to fight again. Would Benn-Brook sell? Sure it would, in the UK this one would fill a stadium. Will it happen later this year (providing Benn is licensed by then?) Very possibly. The cynics, rightfully cynical as they may be, will say we saw the first promo ahead of this fight tonight!

Yet even if tonight’s incident was staged, the dislike between Benn and Brook have for each other does seem to be for real. Do not be surprised if these two do get it on later on this year.

Who wins? Let’s wait and see if the fight is a done deal first, shall we.

YouTube video