Katie Taylor Reclaims Her Throne in Dublin’s Boxing Showdown – Boxing Results

By Amy A Kaplan - 11/25/2023 - Comments

Oh, the drama in Dublin! Katie Taylor, the once and future queen of the lightweight division, staged a comeback for the ages against Chantelle Cameron at the 3Arena in Dublin.

Now, let’s break it down, round by gritty round. Initially, Taylor was like a storm, outpunching Cameron, and both got a scolding from Referee Roberto Ramirez Jr. for those sneaky hits behind the head. Cameron was leading in round three until their heads had an unfortunate meet-cute, leaving her with a huge souvenir on her forehead. And oh, the crowd was eating it up, chanting for their darling Katie!

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Round four saw the ref dragging Cameron to the doc to check out her new forehead accessory. Taylor, not one to be left out, also got a matching cut. The fifth round was like a Taylor fan fest, with every punch she landed getting cheers fit for a rockstar.

Come rounds six and seven, it was like watching a high school dance – a lot of brawling and clinching, and a bit of naughty hitting behind the head. Cameron even got a stylish cut on her nose – because why not? The eighth round was a showcase of Cameron’s uppercuts and Taylor’s right crosses. It was non-stop action.

Cameron wasn’t just tough; she was a rock. Each punch she took, each counter she threw, spoke of a fighter who’s as mentally tough as they come. It’s one thing to fight; it’s another to fight one of the best in the world and hold your ground.

The final two rounds? Pure, unadulterated fighting right up to the bell. It was a war, a close fight, and oh so entertaining. The judges scored it 95-95, 98-92, and 96-94, I had Taylor winning it very close.

Taylor’s performance was nothing short of extraordinary. After losing her crown to Cameron earlier this year, some might have counted her out, but oh, how she proved them wrong! In the heart of Dublin, with the crowd’s energy fueling her every move, Taylor was like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Every punch, every move, and every round showed her unyielding spirit and relentless drive.

Her comeback is a testament to her toughness, skill, and the heart of a true champion. She’s not just a fighter; she’s an inspiration, a living, punching proof that no matter how tough the battle, with hard work and determination, victory is always within reach. Hats off to you, Katie Taylor, the undisputed queen of the comeback!

On the undercard, Gary ‘The Diva’ Cully, in his own dramatic flair, snagged a split decision over Reece Mould in a fight that was more about strategy than outright brawl. Cully, with his height advantage and southpaw stance, danced around Mould in the early rounds. Mould tried to bring the heat, but Cully was just out there landing punches like it was his job (well, it is).

The later rounds were a showcase of Cully’s boxing skills, with him landing combos like a chef at a sushi bar. The judges scored it 97-93, 96-93, and one oddball at 93-97.

Paddy Donovan just kept his unbeaten streak alive in a stunning way! He knocked out Danny Ball in the fourth round, snatching the WBA Continental title. Donovan really turned up the heat, dropping Ball once and then sending him to the canvas again with a fierce attack. The clock stopped at 2:41!

Over in the heavyweight category, Thomas Carty also kept his undefeated record. He stopped Dan Garber in the eighth round. Carty had Garber down with just 41 seconds left, and the referee decided that was enough.

Zelfa Barrett, a former super featherweight world title challenger, showed his skills by outpointing Costin Ion over eight rounds. The judges scored it 78-75 in Barrett’s favor – a close call, but a win’s a win!

In the women’s featherweight division, WBC interim champ Skye Nicolson scored her first stoppage victory. Nicolson was so dominant that Lucy Wildheart’s corner threw in the towel at 1:11 of round nine.