Joshua-Whyte II? The Two Rival Heavyweights Plan To “Settle The Score Once And For All”

05/04/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

Is there any major fan interest in a return fight between rival British heavyweights Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte? Maybe, maybe not. But both men are interested in fighting each other again – this is according to Whyte, who posted a photo of himself and Joshua on social media. The two ran into one another, seemingly by chance, and the pair discussed a rematch fight that would “settle the score once and for all.”

Both Joshua and Whyte are coming off a defeat, with AJ losing his belts to Oleksandr Usyk and Whyte being KO’d in his WBC title challenge of Tyson Fury. Joshua’s first task is of a course a mighty one: that of avenging the loss to Usyk and regaining his belts. Whyte too needs to get back into the win column before he can even think about a big fight with Joshua or with anyone else. Whyte understands this, as he wrote on social media.

“Run into my old foe Anthony Joshua talking about the rematch in the future and about finally settling the score once and for all,” Whyte wrote. “But first we need to get back to winning ways.”

Some fans may feel there is no score to settle, as Joshua, 24-2(22) emphatically stopped Whyte, in a good action fight, back in 2015. However, Whyte is referring to the fact that he defeated Joshua in an amateur fight, this way back in 2009. So technically, Joshua are Whyte could be looked at as being 1-1. Whyte, 28-3(19) has craved another go at Joshua ever since going down heavily as he did in the 7th round of their pro fight in December of 2015.

If Joshua loses to Usyk, could he take a fight with Whyte as yet another comeback bout? And if Joshua manages to avenge his loss to the Ukrainian southpaw who has some genuinely serious issues on his mind at present, might AJ look at making the first defence of his third reign as world champion against his old rival?

It only takes one big win in the heavyweight division and a guy is smack, bang on top again. Who wins if Joshua and Whyte do get it on again either later this year or some time next year? Do you even care?