Josh Taylor ready to move up to welterweight to becomes 2-division world champion

01/03/2022 - By Michael Collins - Comments

Josh Taylor says he’s ready to move up to 147 to become undisputed champion in a second weight class. Taylor (18-0, 13 KOs) plans on going after one of the three world champions immediately upon moving up to 147.

It’s better for Taylor to move up right away in 2022 after he makes his defense next month. If he’s going to make something happen in the division, Taylor needs to do it before the young lions Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis and Vergil Ortiz Jr. get to the aging welterweight champions before he does.

It’s taken years for Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford to build their popularity to where they’re at right now.

Unfortunately for Taylor, both of those champions look like they’re long in the tooth, and not likely to hold onto their belts for much longer. That’s why Taylor must get to them as quickly as possible before Boots Ennis or Vergil Ortiz Jr. beats them.

WBO welterweight champion Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) is expected to be the first choice for Taylor when he moves up in weight after he takes care of his February 26th title defense against Jack Catterall.

Although Crawford is no longer signed with Top Rank, his former promoter Bob Arum believes that he can bring him back for a fight with Taylor.

The only thing that might get in the way of Arum making that big-money fight is if Crawford decides he wants to sit and wait on the Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman match-up in the summer.

Thurman (29-1, 22 KOs) has already said that he wants to face Crawford after he faces Mario Barrios next month in his comeback fight on February 5th.

The month that Crawford can make fighting Thurman might make it worthwhile for him to sit it out until those to meet in the summer on PPV.

Josh Taylor ready to move up to welterweight to becomes 2-division world champion

Also, Thurman is arguably a safer fight for Crawford than Taylor, who has the talent to potentially beat him.

Crawford gets caught in an inside war with Taylor, he’s not likely to last long because he doesn’t possess the same skills as the Scottish fighter in close. Terence’s game is suited to fighting at medium to long-range, and he doesn’t know how to fight in close.

“I’d like to move up to 147 and become a two-weight world champion,” said the 30-year-old Josh Taylor to RingTV. “Chase some of these big, massive fights, that’s what I want to do. Go straight in with someone like [Yordenis] Ugas, make a big statement.

“Hopefully become a unified world champion at welterweight, in an ideal world become undisputed. These are massive, massive goals and way down the line but it’s definitely possible. Go down as a hall of fame fighter, that’s what I want to do.”

Josh Taylor’s options:

  • Terence Crawford – WBO
  • Errol Spence Jr. – IBF/WBC
  • Yordenis Ugas – WBA





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  1. Josh Taylor can beat the Ramirezes out there but Spence or Crawford could send him to an early retirement just like Chavez did to Meldrick Taylor

  2. A relative of Josh Taylor must’ve wrote this article. Taylor would get knocked out by both Crawford and Spence

    • On gawd I was thinking the same thing they must have been his hype man writing this article 🤣🤣🤣 no disrespect to Taylor but Spence and Crawford is on another level hell to be honest I don’t know if he beats Porter Bigg facts

  3. Whomever wrote this article must be a casual saying that he would beat Crawford now don’t get me wrong because I like Taylor but he would lose. Crawford would figure him out after 6 rounds and the only real threatening boxer is Spence or Ennis.

  4. So… Crawford knocks Taylor out in 6. That’s what pretty much the entire world outside of a small island in Western Europe thinks of your article.

  5. Boxing 247 need to get a real writer who knows what he is talking about cus this guy is delusional. Dude u might as well start looking for a new career cus u sure as hell ain’t making it far in this 1 buddy.

    • you ain’t lying I thought I was dreaming reading his article.what a joke what universe is he in did he go Thur a portal lol

  6. What happened to Ramirez?
    The one josh took the title from.
    I think it’s time for Ramirez to move up.
    Ramirez has some incomplete business with josh.

  7. Taylor will never be a Welterweight champion- Crawford- Spence- not a chance- Michael Collins you must be the biggest fan of Taylor-

  8. Lol , this article is bogus Josh ain’t beating any of those Champs at 147. Get real.

  9. Why the hell should he get an immediate title shot at Welterweight? Another “champ” with less than 20 fights, and at his age. How’s that possible? Anyway. I say fight Ortiz or Ennis but both of those kids deserve a title shot. soooon.

  10. It’s arguable that Taylor got by Prograis at 140. He should run that back before going afta the ww strap.

  11. Dude, this is the most biased, trash article I have read about the state of WW boxing in a long

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