John Fury Furious Over Haye’s Whyte Will Win Prediction; Demands Haye Is Removed From The BT Broadcast Team!

By James Slater - 04/14/2022 - Comments

It didn’t take very long for John Fury to react to David Haye’s prediction that Dillian Whyte will upset the odds and will defeat Tyson Fury in their fast-approaching April 23rd fight. Haye spoke with a number of outlets yesterday and he said he is picking Whyte to win, possibly by stoppage, possibly by decision, this after “dropping him [Fury] a few times.”

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This is not the first time Haye has picked Fury to lose – he did it in the Wladimir Klitschko fight and in at least one of the three Deontay Wilder fights – and Haye and Fury’s dad have engaged in some, up until now somewhat friendly debates as a result. “Never go against my son,” John Fury has told Haye in the past. But go against John Fury’s son Haye has once again, and the WBC heavyweight champ’s dad is livid.

Speaking with Talk Sport, the 57 year old has called Haye a “hater,” and he has demanded that he be removed from the BT broadcasting team that will call the Fury-Whyte fight. If this does not happen, John says, “there will be a problem.”

“David Haye is not allowed to comment on that show,” John said today. “David Haye needs to take a back seat in the stands where nobody can see him. I’ve already made it quite clear to Fran Warren – he is not allowed to be commentating on my son’s fight, otherwise there will be a problem. That’s black and white, the nation can hear me. He’s a hater, I don’t want him near my family, that’s the bottom line. They know me, BT, and I will not be silent if he’s there.”

Fury has called for other commentators, who he says are “good, not one-sided, talk the truth,” to replace Haye. Fury has called Haye “the worst pundit in the world.” And it is true Haye has picked against Tyson Fury a number of times only to be proven wrong each time. Didn’t Haye actually say, after Fury’s great win over Wilder in their third fight that he would not make the mistake of picking against Fury again? Well, Haye has done so and he has sure got John Fury’s back up as a result.

But guess what? If Haye is not pulled from his duties with BT on fight night, and if John Fury is there working the fight also, it could be a WHOLE LOT OF FUN! Let the two go head-to-head I say. Why not? Both men are pros and they are entitled to their own opinion. Maybe Haye does have some axe to grind as far As Tyson is concerned, maybe not. Let the two vocal protagonists duke it out live and on air!

John Fury has spoken. Again. But to repeat: I say let’s hope the powers that be at BT allow both Haye and Fury in the same room on fight night. Fury-Whyte promises to be a hugely entertaining fight, while Haye Vs. John Fury as a verbal starting course could make April 23rd a truly memorable, unforgettable night!

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Last Updated on 04/14/2022