Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller: THE best talker in boxing today bar none!

Who’s the best, the most amusing, the most original, the most fun talker in boxing today – Tyson Fury? Adrien Broner? Keith Thurman? Floyd Mayweather? The answer is, none of the above.

This title, this distinction simply has to go out to unbeaten heavyweight puncher Jarrell Miller, AKA, “Big Baby.” We don’t know yet how great Miller can fight, not at the highest level anyway, but if Miller keeps running his mouth, chances are one of the big names he has called out, and is calling out, will take the bait and get in the ring with him.

The New Yorker is currently 18-0-1(16), he has an MMA background (he acquitted himself well in the cage) and he will face his toughest test (on paper) a week on Saturday, when he will face once-beaten Gerald Washington on the Mikey Garcia-Adrien Broner card. But Miller is aiming higher than Washington, much higher.

Here are some excerpts from his recent talk with Sky Sports:

“He (Washington) is bringing his A-game and went to camp with [Wladimir] Klitschko, but he also got knocked out by Deontay. He got a bag of tools, well, when he comes to Brooklyn I will send him home with a gift too and it will have his teeth in it.”


“American fans haven’t jumped behind or believed in Wilder, plus he isn’t as good looking as me. When you see ‘Big Baby’ you will fall in love with the kid, keep watching and soon I’m coming for Joshua.”


“I know [Dillian] Whyte is coming over here (to box in the US on August 19) and I don’t know what bag of doughnuts he will have in the fight, but if he fights me, he loses.”


“My goal is to be the undisputed heavyweight champion, I want all the belts. These guys at the top aren’t fighting each other – they talk a lot but don’t really back it up. Get ready to see ‘Big Baby’ Miller, the next America heavyweight champ. Then I’m gonna come overseas and get me some tea, tea time is coming.”

Have an urge to see if Miller can back up his big words by winning big fights against the biggest, baddest and best heavyweights out there? Me too.

There are some pretty big question marks next to Miller: can he take a shot? (he did okay in MMA), can he go 12 hard, fast-paced rounds at around 260 to 280 pounds? Can he dig in and overcome adversity if he is hurt or injured in a fight? In short, can Miller prove to be as great a fighter as he is a talker?

It’s going to be fun finding out, as Miller himself says it will be. Miller against Dillian Whyte would be very interesting, and if he could make a statement/explosion there, “Big Baby” could be ready to mix it with Joshua. As for Wilder-Miller, that one would absolutely guarantee action.

Let’s hope Miller has what it takes to back up his boasting.

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