Jared Anderson Wins Again – Boxing Results

By James Slater - 12/12/2021 - Comments

Anderson Proves He’s The Best Young Heavyweight Hope Out There!

Is Jared Anderson the best young and unbeaten American heavyweight hope on the scene today? Maybe Anderson, AKA “The Real Big baby,” is THE best young and unbeaten heavyweight hope on the scene, period. Last night, on the Lomachenko-Commey card in New York, the 22-year-old picked up another impressive stoppage win as he demolished Ukrainian Oleksandr Teslenko in the second round.

Anderson cracked Teslenko with a big right hand to the head, followed by a left that decked him for the finish. Teslenko did beat the count, just barely, but he was in no shape to carry on. Anderson is now 11-0(11). 29-year-old Teslenko falls to 17-2(13).

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Anderson – a fighter Bob Arum has said he feels will go on to rule the division in the near future – has skills, he has power and he fights as often as he can. Simply put, there is nothing not to like about the man from Toledo, Ohio.

Anderson, who has sparred many rounds with Tyson Fury (Fury, like Arum, is high on Anderson, saying he can go on to do big things) managed four fights this year, this being a fight less than he had last year. But Anderson is busier than just about any other high-profile heavyweight you can mention. And Anderson’s profile is growing and growing.

Yet to be taken beyond the 6th round, Anderson said before last night’s fight how he wants a big name in 2022. Arum spoke with Sky Sports shortly before last night’s fight, and he said he feels Anderson can become the best heavyweight in the US “within a year.” Arum concurred how Anderson will fight “big names in 2022.”

At just 22 years of age, Anderson has plenty of time but he is hungry and he wants the big fights and soon. It’s exciting having such a young, talented and hungry heavyweight on the scene, one who has a fan-friendly style and can deliver the KO’s. Anderson against a top-10 guy would/will be something to see next year. How far can Anderson go? It seems he has a great shot at reaching the top.

Anderson is big enough at 6’4” and he is fast enough and he carries power. So far, Anderson has done all that has been asked of him and his fan base is growing by the fight. Roll on his next fight.

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  1. Sad Sad walkout for anyone wanting or glamorizing that walkout before the fight. Tells me a lot about his character.

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