Jack Catterall Still Hoping For Josh Taylor Rematch: “He Has To Fight Me Again”

Three months on, and Jack Catterall is still angry and hugely disappointed, and with good reason. The decision that went defending unified 140 pound champ Josh Taylor’s way back in February was one of the most controversial seen in modern times (shortly after an investigation into the scoring of the fight, judge Ian John-Lewis was downgraded by the BBB of C, from an A Star Class to an A Star Official).

Catterall, a huge underdog, bossed the fight, he scored a knockdown and, as he says himself, “everybody – apart from Josh and maybe one or two diehard fans – have said he lost the fight,”

Catterall, speaking with Sportsmail, said he hopes he and Taylor will fight again, adding how a rematch “is going to be his [Taylor’s] only saving grace.” Catterall, 26-1(13) says Taylor has “lost a lot of respect in the boxing world” and that only a rematch will put things right.

“Although he got the decision, he knows he’s got to put things right and try and beat me,” 28 year old Catterall said of Taylor. “A rematch is going to be his only saving grace going forward. He knows he has to fight me again. He’s living in denial. Everybody – apart from Josh and maybe one or two diehard fans – have said he lost the fight. I think he thought it might have settled down by now. But everything he posts on social media, you read through the comments and the fans are hammering him – and rightly so. I think he knows he’s lost a lot of respect in the boxing world. That will be living with him and eating him up every day.”

Taylor initially said that he would grant Catterall a rematch, but that it would have to be up at 147 pounds, as Taylor’s days as a 140-pounder were over. But now we hear Taylor (who was recently either stripped of or vacated his WBA belt) is in talks to face his WBC mandatory at 140, Jose Zepeda. Now wonder Catterall is disgusted.

If ever there was a desire, a need, an outcry for a return fight, Catterall-Taylor II (the winner’s name goes first) fits the bill. Deep down Josh Taylor knows this as well as Jack Catterall knows it.