Is Tyson Fury In Shape? Fans Worried After Video Shows “Heavy” Fury Taking A Swim In Freezing Sea

Tyson Fury has never had an Adonis physique and never will. Some fighters, as hard as they train, do not get that ripped look. For every Evander Holyfield and Mike Weaver, there is a Chris Arreola or an Andy Ruiz. Fury, though, has shown time and again that it is not wise to judge him by the way his body looks. Case in point, the first fight with Deontay Wilder, when a somewhat fleshy-looking Fury proceeded to outbox Wilder for long periods, his stamina holding up very well over the 12 rounds.

Fury has ballooned between fights in the past, most notably after his massive win over Wladimir Klitschko. This was a time when Fury was battling depression, and “The Gypsy King” piled on something like 100 pounds. Fury has since kept himself in great shape. It was then a little worrying to a good number of fans when the video of Fury taking a dip in the freezing cold sea at Morecambe Bay surfaced.

Fury does seem to be carrying a good deal of excess weight in the video, his body looking worryingly similar to how it looked back when he was taunting Klitschko at the presser to announce their rematch (the fight never coming to fruition). Back then, Fury was grossly out of condition, and while he doesn’t look that bad in the video, the WBC and lineal heavyweight champ does not look anywhere near as solid as he did in the return fight with Wilder.

Of course, that was a year ago and yes Fury is bound to have relaxed whilst awaiting confirmation of his next fight – this we all expect to be the big one with Anthony Joshua. But if this fight is announced any time soon and if its date is set for some time in May or June, Fury will judging by his soft-looking body, have plenty of work to do in the gym.

Some fans have expressed concern about Fury, with a few of them writing on social media how they hope Fury has not fallen back into the mental state he was in back in 2016. Fury will need to be in tip-top shape to beat Joshua. And right now, Fury looks to be far from in tip-top shape.

Again, it may not mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Still, plenty of us was under the impression that Fury was doing nothing but almost constant training whilst under the current lockdown conditions. Judging by this short video, Fury could be around 30 pounds or so overweight. A reason for concern, or not?