Is Floyd Mayweather Getting Exactly what he wants??

floydRobert Jackson: Floyd ‘Money ‘ Mayweather’s announced jump from HBO to Showtime has sent a shockwave throughout the fight world. Just like his previous announcement of Olympic style drug testing for every fight, which has now taken hold with other fighters namely Nonito Donaire – who requires testing for all of his bouts. Mayweather always the showman has eclipsed that announcement with a 6 fight Showtime deal, paying him a reported $250M.

Fight fans were in the least waiting and anticipating who Floyd would fight next for his May 2013 return to the ring and Floyd pulled a fast one on us all by announcing that Devon Alexander was the leading candidate for the assignment, when all were expecting Robert Guerrero to get the nod. Floyd’s silence and then the Alexander proclamation was just the 1st shocker, and then again…silence. Was Floyd really going to fight Devon Alexander?? Of course he wasn’t, but the real shocker was yet to come!

An HBO fighter since the early 2000’s, Floyd rose to the top of the P4P lists fighting on that network and professed loyalty to boxing’s #1 TV outlet. But I have to tell you fans, this is 2013 Floyd is 36 years old ‘prize fighter’, a career field that doesn’t allow most to retire on their own terms. Even the greats have fought on too long, lived too large and paid the consequences with their health and financial security after they leave the ring. The cheering of the crowd is over and for most so are the big paydays that they became accustomed to while entertaining the fickle fans, who’ve now moved on to a newer, younger version of their former hero. The former hero is now stuck with the medical bills, the huge house note, car note and expenses which his former career easily took care of. Now the prize is to just keep the creditors from calling, keep the house from going into foreclosure, keep the car from being repossessed.

Returning to the Mayweather story; Money Mayweather’s diversionary tactic did what it was supposed to do: make critics and naysayers believe he was AFRAID to face Guerrero – that assumption has gained traction especially since Guerrero announced the rematch clause for the fight. It also diverted attention away from the behind the scenes dealing that go on in boxing that most FANS never hear about and then BANG, the Showtime move was announced with Guerrero as the opponent of the first Showtime fight. Boxing media, personalities, websites and Guerrero himself are also touting his chances of dethroning the P4P king. Having beaten Selcuk Aydin and Andre Berto in his two previous welterweight bouts, Guerrero now sees flaws in Mayweather’s fight game he can exploit. This bodes well for Mayweather who’s guaranteed $30M per fight and earns more money with the high PPV numbers. As long as fans and especially naysayers believe that Guerrero has even the slimiest chance of winning, the numbers will be high and that’s exactly what Mayweather wants.

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