I’m Going With The Old Guys Tonight – Chisora And Arreola To Both Win!

We could soon be witnessing two great, all-action heavyweight slugfest. Tonight’s two heavyweight fights – one in the UK, the other in the US – will see no major titles on the line yet much is at stake. Careers are at stake. Bottom line: if Dereck Chisora loses to Joseph Parker, he will have nowhere to go at world level, perhaps not at any level. And if Arreola, even older than Chisora at age 40 (to Del Boy’s 37), loses his fight with Andy Ruiz, he too will have nowhere to go aside from through the exit door on a largely exciting, up and down career.

Both Chisora and Arreola have entertained us over the years, with the Londoner and the Mexican-American featuring in big fights. Neither warrior managed to win the world title, and this isn’t likely to change here, with both men firmly at veteran stage. But could there be one more big win from each slugger before retirement?

I think so, and I think we’ll see it tonight.

Chisora is a tank of a man and he has worked, worked, worked for the Parker fight (one that was set to happen some months back). Chisora is ready to lay it all on the line, once again. I think the sheer heat, heart and desire “War” brings will see him to a close decision win. Chisora will leave everything he has left in the ring tonight. You can count on it. And this, I feel, will be enough for this long-serving warrior to pick up the last big win of his career. Do not expect Chisora to have much left at all at the end of this one. Chisora will get the “W” though.

Arreola has already surprised us with his appearance on the weighing scale. Coming in at a career-lightest 228 pounds, Arreola looks to be in superb physical condition. Before yesterday, the big talking point was Ruiz’ weight loss. Arreola has gone one better. But will Arreola get the win tonight?

Andy Ruiz, Chris Arreola, Derek Chisora, Joseph Parker - Boxing News

Arreola says he does not feel like an old man at the end of his career, and he sure doesn’t look like one. Ruiz has those fast hands and he is of course a former world champion. But Arreola is ready to give it all he has left, just like Chisora. Arreola has had a good break, he had recharged his batteries and he has found new zest. Up close, personal and hot and heavy is the way Arreola needs to fight tonight. If he can do it, and if he gives Ruiz no space, no room, no time to breathe, “The Nightmare ” can pound out a points win.

I think he’ll do it. Just.

Chisora and Arreola both know they absolutely have to win or else. As bad as a loss would be for Parker, and as bad as a loss would be for Ruiz, it wouldn’t necessarily mean the end of a career; not a close decision loss anyway.

Chisora and Arreola will punch for all they’re worth tonight. You can count on it. Neither man will have too much left at the end of it, but they will each get the upset win.

Chisora on points, Arreola on points.