If Successful Against Rios, Pacquiao Might Become Mayweather’s Worst Nightmare

pac6The Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios bout is fast-approaching, and boxing fans have focused their crosshairs on the topic at hand. While this fight is starting to gain more momentum in a snowball effect type of fashion, still there is much talk of the improbable bout between Mayweather Jr. vs. Bernard Hopkins.

It seems as though a shot at Mayweather Jr. is the only way to succeed in boxing, and every fighter that can see and feel the throne is aggressively attempting at securing that high profile fight.

Bernard Hopkins had suggested that he is the only one with enough ring experience and ring I.Q. to beat Mayweather Jr. His old school boxing knowledge would supposedly provide enough tricks and narrow down the learning curve to where Hopkins would be able to adjust and effectively deal with Floyd’s style.

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Gennady Golovkin, the newly arrived powerhouse of boxing, has also stated on numerous occasions that he is ready to step and in knock Mayweather Jr. out. Golovkin has certainly proven that he is strong enough to send virtually anyone to the canvas, but is he quick and smart enough to touch Mayweather Jr.?

Aside from GGG, Hopkins, and Sergio Martinez, there are a handful of good fighters that are chasing the Mayweather Jr. dream, but being that it is Floyd himself that decides on his next opponent, most of these guys will have to keep pursuing without results.

All of them have forgotten about the other guy, the other boxing sensation that has faded from the highlights of the sport: Manny Pacquiao. But what happens when Pacquiao plows through Rios, beating him decisively, aggressively, and most importantly impressing the boxing community once again? In that case, Pacman might become a trap door that most would have to encounter sooner or later, especially when talking Mayweather Jr.

Since Mayweather Jr. is on top, and is extremely selective when it comes to his rivalry, many fighters would have to settle for the number two, which would at that time be Manny Pacquaio. The peak Pacquiao has an immense amount of stamina, speed, and power. Maybe he was never a tactical fighter with great precision, but that’s because he simply never needed that set of attributes.

I assume that if Pacquiao comes out a winner against Rios, he would most likely accept a challenge against any of the above mentioned fighters, placing them in a position where they could not say no and get away without being bombarded with a colossal amount of fan and media criticism.

Maybe Manny Pacquiao will once again start accumulating victories, leaving Mayweather Jr. without an opponent. Without any other opponent than Manny Pacquiao himself that is.

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