“Here Comes Trouble”: Breazeale ready to shake things up in the heavyweight division

The supremacy of the heavyweight division is uncertain at this point in time as a handful of contenders are waiting for their turn to be called on to challenge three current world heavyweight champions for their respective titles. Three new champions within the past year has brought excitement back to a division that was ruled by the Klitchscko brothers for the past decade. The division is ripe for the picking and one particular heavyweight contender is ready to shake it up.

One month ago, Dominic “Trouble” Breazeale was triumphant in an Breazeale was triumphant in an exciting heavyweight match up against heavyweight veteran Amir Mansour. Everything that led up to that bout was challenging for Breazeale as he had to deal with fight dates and opponents being changed and the sudden tragic
loss of his mother a few weeks before the fight. Regardless of the adversity, Breazeale chose not to postpone the fight and decided to go through with it.

“Everything leading up to the fight with Mansour was tough on me mentally. I had to deal with a lot before the fight, but hey that’s part of life and also part of being in this business. I am thankful that I have a supportive wife and family that helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. But I am a fighter and fighting is what I do to support my family, so the obvious choice was to to go through with the fight,” Breazeale said.

Breazeale’s last fight with Mansour was by far his toughest opponent to date and he showed a lot of guts and heart by picking himself off the canvas in the third round and later stopping his opponent after the fifth round. He entered the ring as a prospect and later that night left the ring as a legitimate heavyweight contender and the newly crowned WBC Continental Americas heavyweight champion. Breazeale, who is now 17-0 with 15 KO’s finds himself in a position where he can be fighting for a world title within the year.

“The bout with Mansour was a bout that I will remember and learn a great deal from. My trainer and I knew that he was going to come in swinging and he did that for the first few rounds, but his punches were not that strong. Granted he knocked me down, but he caught me with a good shot I didn’t see coming. After the knockdown, I started to box him and landed some powerful shots and I know I hurt him at times but I couldn’t close in on him as I would have liked. Fortunately for him, he decided not to come out in the sixth round and I think that was a good idea on his part as I would have stopped him soon thereafter.”

am a contender and that I belong here. I have fought tougher opposition than all the current world champions did when they had their first 17 fights and I know I’m ready to challenge any one of them right now. Every bout I have had, I have learned from and I continue to learn everyday in the gym with my trainer Manny Robles. I’m ready for whatever my adviser Al Haymon has next for me and I always tell him I want to fight the best,” Breazeale said.

After taking some well deserved time off after a tough fight, Breazeale is back in the gym preparing for his next bout. Breazeale is also busy in the planning stages of hosting his very own “1st Annual Trouble Boxing Camp”. This free event is scheduled to take place later next month and Breazeale is excited to be able to return the favor by giving back to the kids in the local communities of the Los Angeles area.

“It has always been a passion of mine to work with kids and I am truly honored to be hosting my first event which is going to be called the “1st Annual Trouble Boxing Camp”. The free event will consists of young kids and teens coming out to the gym for the day, where they will learn the basic fundamentals of boxing and how to live a healthy lifestyle. The participants will also hear motivational speeches from special guests which will consist of professional boxers, trainers and local community leaders. It’s going to be a great event and I’m happy and blessed that I am able to give back.”