Hearn keen on promoting Tyson Fury-Tony Bellew if Fury gets license; says Bellew feels he can win

11/23/2017 - By James Slater - Comments

Though Tony Bellew is set to wait for David Haye to heal up and be ready to fight their return bout next March (postponed as the original Dec 17 date was due to an arm injury picked up by Haye) the Liverpool warrior is also thinking seriously about taking a fight with Tyson Fury.

This is according to promoter Eddie Hearn, who told iFL TV how Bellew “fancies he can beat Fury.” There is no doubt: this match-up would attract one huge amount of interest in the UK if not elsewhere. With the sheer size difference between the two – Fury standing 6’9″ and Bellew being 6’3″ – the curiosity factor would be there; while fans would tune in to see how far Bellew’s incredible run can possibly go.

Hearn of course knows full well that there is a long way to go before a Fury-Bellew fight is worth “getting excited about,” but the top British promoter says that if Fury proves successful in getting his licence back (word is the long awaited hearing will likely take place next month – and about time too) then we should indeed get excited about this match-up.

Bellew has shocked the odds more than once before now (“Bomber” is rightfully proud of his March upset win over Haye, stating how, with that win he has “a better resume than Deontay Wilder”) and if he repeats his win over Haye next year (should the sequel actually take place) and if Fury has reobtained his licence to box, then who knows – just maybe this fight could actually happen.

It would possibly be seen by some as a risky return bout for Fury, but again, the curiosity factor alone would ensure this fight would do big numbers.

Can Bellew, in what would be THE biggest win of his entire career in more ways than one, tear up the old adage, “a good big un beats a good little un?”

Chances are good we’d pay to watch the fight to get our answer. Nobody knows how much Fury has left, and after such a long layoff and after putting on so much weight it is possible he could lose in his anticipated return. Might Bellew find himself in the right place at the right time? Once again, some might say.