Haye: If Fury makes it past the 6th, he’ll have taken the worst beating anyone’s ever had to take

By Michael Collins - 07/12/2013 - Comments

David Haye (26-2, 24 KO’s) sees his opponent Tyson Fury (21-0, 15 KO’s) as someone that won’t make it past the 6th round on September 28th. Haye feels he’s going to KO Fury early in this fight, and he’s hoping that Fury makes it easy on him by looking to engage.

Fury has been saying that he’s going to go straight at Haye from the 1st bell, and look to take his head off. This doesn’t seem to have Haye worried one bit, as he’s counting on Fury coming at him to make his job much easier.

Haye said to Sky Ringside “If it goes past the 6th round, you’ve taken the biggest beating anyone’s ever had to take. If he’s doing what he’s saying he’s doing and just walks across the ring and impose his size on me, it’ll probably be another Audley Harrison ending. I’ll knock him out when I want to knock him out, whichever round I choose. The same way I done with [Dereck] Chisora, the same way I done with Harrison.”

Haye is probably correct in what he says about the beating he’s going to inflict on Fury in the first six rounds of the fight. If he can make it that long to go past 6 rounds, Fury will have taken some vicious head shots and it’s going to be tough on him to be still fighting at that point.

Fury’s probably not going to be fighting defensively the way that Wladimir Klitschko did in his win over Haye, so he’s going to be getting hit with a lot of clean heat shots in this fight. And if Fury is serious about wanting to go right after Haye to try and stop him or wear him down, it’s going to be tough on Fury because he’ll be going straight into the teeth of Haye’s offense but without the power to get Haye’s respect.