Gervonta Davis Vs. Teofimo Lopez: The Battle For Superstardom And Supremacy

Teofimo Lopez scored a superb and somewhat unexpected win over Vasyl Lomachenko last month, while on Saturday night, Gervonta Davis scored a superb KO win over Leo Santa Cruz that was also somewhat unexpected (the KO not the victory). Right now, begging Devin Haney’s pardon (he gets his chance to shine this Saturday night), these two fantastic fighters are engaged in a battle for lower-weight supremacy and for true superstardom. And who on earth wins!

If ever a massive fight that so obviously needed to be made popped up, it is this one. Yes, Lopez, says he may well move up in weight in his next fight, stating how he thinks he will be stronger and more effective as a 140 pounder. But for the sake of a huge mega-fight everyone wants to see, Lopez must stick around for a fight with Tank. Unless of course, Davis is willing to move up in weight himself. Both fighters have genuine A+ skills and abilities, while both men also have genuine appeal and star quality. Both guys can also score devastating, eye-catching KO’s.

Gervonta Davis, Teofimo Lopez - Boxing News

A very strong case can be made for either man going on to become the face of boxing, the next Pay-Per-View attraction – the next Floyd Mayweather, or Oscar De La Hoya, or Manny Pacquiao. But one of these two gifted boxers will have to take a back seat to the other; they can’t both rule as THE face of boxing, as THE lower-weight king of kings. In short, these two have to fight.

One fight more before Tank goes into a fight with Lopez, “Money” Mayweather says is the plan for his fighter. Next year some time, in the first half hopefully, this Pay-Per-View blockbuster of a fight for 135-pound supremacy has to, needs to, must happen. Can you point at a hotter fight in all of boxing right now?

Davis, 24-0(23) and the current WBA lightweight title, is 25 years of age and it’s incredible to think how great he may go on to become. Lopez, 16-0(12) and the current unified lightweight champion, is 23 years of age and as far as greatness goes the sky seems to be the limit.

So who wins if these two get it on next year? Maybe we will need more than two fights for these two to settle things once and for all. Lopez said both before and after his huge win over Lomachenko that the “takeover” was on. Now, these two amazing fighters have to fight each other, the winner to go on to take over the sport.