George Foreman Thinks Fury And Wilder Will Each Have “Surprises Left In The Bag”

What could be in store for us, the fans, for them, the two fighters – for the history of the heavyweight division, when Bitter (write it with a capital “B”) rivals Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder collide in what we assume will be their third and final fight in October? One man who has done it all, has seen it all, yet still wants to see more, George Foreman thinks both giants will have a surprise or two in store on October 9.

Writing, as he so often does, some interesting stuff on his official Twitter page, “Big George” has written how he thinks the third fight will be the best of this particular rivalry. If George is correct in his thinking, we will really see something special in Las Vegas on Oct. 9. Not that the first two fights between these two didn’t throw up some surprising and special stuff.

Fight-one, back in December of 2018, gave us THAT round, that amazing 12th and final round, in which Wilder cracked Fury with not one but two flush head shots, sending “The Gypsy King” down on his back. We all thought – no, we were sure – Fury was out for the remainder of the night. But Fury pulled off a rise from the ashes that was nothing short of a miracle. How Fury got up, he alone will never know for sure.

Big surprise #2 came in the second fight, and it stunned us as soon as the fight began, and it remained until the fight was over. Fight? It was more a beat-down, a savaging. Fury did warn us, telling us before the February 2020 sequel how he would “go right at Wilder and knock him out.” Of course, none of us really believed Fury, but he was as good as his word.

So what can we possibly expect to see in the third fight?

Fury can box and move, while he can also be a tank and bully Wilder. Wilder can punch like the proverbial demon from hell and he also has a ton of heart; as he showed in taking that shellacking in fight-two. But what else can “The Bronze Bomber” do? What possible surprises could Wilder have for Fury? Reverse it, and ask yourself, what possible surprises could Fury have for Wilder? Have we seen all that both of these two fighters can do to each other? Or has Foreman, with his sage eye, seen the possibility of us all seeing more from both men? Even more?

In many ways, this third fight – one that never really looked like taking place at one or two points in time (and according to some sceptics it still will not happen) – is one of the more intriguing final instalments in heavyweight trilogy history. Say what you want, but no-one out there can feel safe betting, as the saying goes, their house on the outcome of this one.

Maybe Foreman is right; we will all be shocked, surprised and stunned when witnessing what goes down on the evening of October 9. And just maybe the final fight between these two men, who have thus far shared the ring for a little under 19 rounds, will be the best of the trio.

Foreman says the three-match is a “pick ’em” affair.