Floyd Mayweather Reaches Out, Offers To Pay For George Floyd’s Funeral

Heaven knows, boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather certainly has his share of critics, some of them quite deserved. But never can it be said that Floyd doesn’t have his good side. His caring side. With all of America still reeling, still angry, due to the simply unforgivable and utterly barbaric murder of George Floyd, Mayweather has reached out and offered to cover the financial costs of all four planned funeral services.

Hollywood Unlocked broke the story.

Mayweather is offering to pay for the four services – scheduled for Houston, Minnesota, Charlotte, and at an as yet unconfirmed fourth venue. Mayweather may well have been moved to act anyway, but reports say the fact that Anzel Jennings, the CEO of TMT music label, grew up with and was very close to George Floyd. As Mayweather’s people have said, Floyd is simply doing that, which is “the right thing.”

Over the years, Mayweather – a truly polarizing figure if ever there was one – has quietly paid for the funeral services of deceased fighters, such as Genaro Hernandez (the man Mayweather defeated in 1998 to win his first world title, the super featherweight title Floyd won proving to be the first of many), and the “retired” superstar fighter regularly gives a small fortune to various charities and good causes. Again, Mayweather has those often harsh critics, and he has, of course,, served time in prison – but the 43-year-old often does good, genuinely heartwarming things.

Things he doesn’t have to do, but he does them anyway.

As of the time of writing, it is still not determined whether or not George Floyd’s family will accept Mayweather’s offer.

By offering to do what he has offered to do, Mayweather has reached out where plenty of other people have failed to act. Credit goes to Floyd for this, his latest classy move. These past few days have really been a bad time for all of America. Thankfully we still have some heroes we can look up to every now and then.