Dillian Whyte Wants Two Fights With Francis Ngannou – One Boxing, One MMA

Fight fans are well aware of how Dillian Whyte and Francis Ngannou have been going back and forth, the possibility of them actually fighting one another quite a big one. Whyte called the MMA giant out, Ngannou responded, saying he would perhaps be open to a boxing match with Whyte. Eddie Hearn told Sky Sports how he will try and get something done with Dana White; adding how a Whyte Vs. Ngannou fight would be massive.

Now, in speaking with talk SPORT’s Fight Night, Whyte has said he actually wants two fights with Ngannou – one in the ring, the other in the cage.

“I’m a fair guy,” Whyte said. “We can do a boxing fight and an MMA fight. Obviously we would host the boxing fight and Dana can host the MMA fight. Then it is equal opportunity for both of us. Francis believes he has got the edge in MMA and I know I’ve got the edge in boxing so I was willing to step into his territory as long as he is willing to step into my territory unlike a lot of these other guys. Listen, a lot of people are just scared. I’m just not scared, man. I’m ready, any time, anywhere.”

Whyte had a short MMA career, while Ngannou is reportedly sparring with Carlos Takam now, perhaps in an effort to see if he can hold his own in a boxing match. There is no doubt a Whyte-Ngannou fight would be a big attraction, while two fights, one in each discipline, would be something off the charts. Plenty of fans of each sport moan and complain when either a boxer steps in with an accomplished MMA fighter in an MMA fight and is predictably beaten, or when an MMA fighter gets in there with an accomplished boxer in a boxing match and is predictably beaten.

If Whyte’s grand plan comes to fruition it will be, as he says himself, fair. Wouldn’t it be amazing if these two punchers did fight twice, and Ngannou won the boxing match and Whyte wound up winning the MMA fight! All we do know is the fight or fights will be unpredictable. Who knows what will happen if and when these two warriors do get it on? How about Bombs Away!