Floyd Mayweather Jr training a day after Jake Paul knocked out Ben Askren

Floyd Mayweather Jr hit the streets for some hard training a day after YouTuber Jake Paul destroyed Ben Askren last Saturday night.

With Mayweather’s previously scheduled exhibition fight with Logan Paul having been postponed with no scheduled date for when it’s to take place, there’s speculation that Floyd now might be targeting the better of the Paul brothers in Jake.

The two already have bad blood with one another after Jake said Mayweather can’t read. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta.

Earlier today, Jake reported that his fight brought in 1.5 million pay-per-view buys and generated a whopping $65 million. With those numbers, it makes sense for Mayweather to forget about fighting Logan Paul, and go with the hot hand, Jake.

Is it just a coincident that Mayweather is suddenly going through his Rocky moment a day after Jake annihilated Ben Askren, or did the victory put some heat under his backside, making him know that he’s going to have to best possible shape if he plans on taking on the more dangerous/popular of the two Paul brothers?

With the punching power that the cruiserweight Jake has, he can damage Mayweather if he lands anything on him. I’m talking ANYTHING. Mayweather won’t be able to take the kind of punching power that Jake possesses.

It’s going to be interesting to see how long it takes for Mayweather to switch opponents from Logan, who can’t fight a lick, to Jake.

This is a puncher with arguably more power than anyone that Mayweather has ever fought before, including Canelo Alvarez and Marcos Maidana. Jake has that Ohio farm boy strength from tending the cows and bailing hay.

It’ll be hard for Mayweather to switch back to fighting Logan after what he saw from Jake last Saturday. He sent Askren into permanent retirement with his knockout victory. The former UFC fighter Askren said he was “embarrassed” at what Jake did to him, and he doesn’t want it anymore.

What will make Mayweather’s choice easier is the 1.5 million pay-per-view buys that Jake’s fight generated with Askren. If you extrapolate from there with the kind of numbers a fight between Mayweather and Jake could do, we’re probably talking over 4 million pay-per-view buys at the least. It’s quite possible that the fight could do close to those numbers.

There is an upside for Mayweather to be fighting the stiff Logan Paul.  When Mayweather soundly beats Logan, it’ll set up a revenge situation where Jake will want to avenge his brother’s loss, and the fight between those two would be huge.

15 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Jr training a day after Jake Paul knocked out Ben Askren”

  1. Dude your talking about Jake like he is an actual prospect. He hasn’t fought an actual boxer yet!! Why even speculate Floyd fighting this guy. Sixty Five million isn’t even close to what Floyd would want for himself. And if it did happen it would be an exhibition and nothing more. Also Jake Paul having more power than Alvarez is a joke. And if it would happen Jake would have to drop weight a.k.a muscle mass to make weight meaning he’ll probably lose power.

    • And the author of this article is someone who doesn’t know anything about boxing. Not a fan of Mayweather, but Jake Paul is a joke. There is a reason that he only faces other YouTube personalities, ex NBA stars, and MMA fighters with no striking skills. Put him in the ring with a real boxer and he’ll get totally destroyed.

  2. Let me have a fight with him , IF HE CAN GET PAST ME ? Lol which idk man from what I have seen of this kid he is just beating up on older out of shape men , im 40 but im in shape. Cmon Jake sissy

  3. whoever wrote this article is absolutely delusional lol. Did Jake write this?. Take your head out of his ass buddy.

  4. This has to be another way for them to be trying to sell this one sided circus, because we all know that Floyd is going to mop the floor with him…. smh

  5. If you actually have a small thought of Jake even competing against “Money May” then this is as stupid of an article as I thought. He hasn’t fought not 1 boxer and he’s supposed to compete with “TBE”??

  6. While Jake did knock Ben down it was far from a knockout. It was also the 3rd non boxer he has faced. Lets see him in the ring against a real boxer before pitting him against a GOAT contender.

    • I am a 40 year old man who grew up fighting in the streets with mild boxing training and I will fight Jake Paul!! And would probably give him THE BEST FIGHT he has had yet. And I would bet ALL of my savings on it.

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